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Rib-Tickling Fun


If laughter is the best medicine then everyone left out second meeting this month in fine spirits, as we enjoyed our Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests. The room was full with members and guests for what was anticipated to be a fun evening.

Jewels Carter hosted the Humorous Speech Contest in her inimitable style, and introduced our three speakers, Keith Oliver, Michael John Smithson and Louise Hockaday.

Keith got us underway with a tale of cat-sitting and how he lost one of his wards in a tale called “I’ve lost your Socks.” Michel John followed with a story entitled “Locked In”, about a man who locked himself inside his flat, and unable to get out survived as best he could. Finally Louise regaled us with “Tales of the Unexpected” reminiscing how her husband had coped with the toilet needs of their you

Following the judging we broke for a network break, before returning for the Table Topics contest. Four contestants had entered the contest, Mustafa Soomro, Jewels carter, Michelle Baker and Mark Perrin. They were faced by Steve Green who after advising that he was shortly to start a new job, asked the contestants to relate how they had been both nervous and excited about a new job. Mustafa advised he was nervous and excited all the time, both Michelle and Jewels sought to advise how accountancy was not boring while Mark advised how he had been enticed into a world of cat-napping following Keith’s earlier speech. 

As the chief judge and counter left the room to tally up the votes, Susy Mathews warmed down the audience, with a caption competition. She presented Mark Perrin and Steve Green with a variety of photos asking them to provide a witty caption, which the audience then voted on. Steve Green came out on top. 

With the votes now counted it was left for Area Governor Gavin Meikle, in Club President John Webber’s absence, to hand out the certificates of participation and announce the winners. Louise was duly held to be the worthy winner of the Speech Contest, and Mark Perrin the winner of the Table Topics. Both now go forward to represent the club in the Area Contest. 

Clearly though the merriment was not enough for several members were to be seen at Arun Speakers Contest the following night in Chichester.

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