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Solent Speakers kicks off after holidays

With a theme of World Cup and a couple of internationals gracing the meeting the theme had to be football, well according to our General Evaluator at least. 

Fresh from our August break members were joined by four guests, Phil Barrett (Northern Exposure Toastmasters, Melbourne, Australia), Hindy Pearson (from Canada), and Adrian Read and Eileen Stockwell (local stars but welcome just the same). 

Phil got us underway with a warm Australian welcome as Sergeant at Arms, before John Tunstall took the role as Toastmaster (Manager) and a comfortable and confident job he made of it, welcoming the guests and explaining the Toastmasters route and protocols, before introducing his team of Pat Tunstall as Timekeeper (Referee- with a bell rather than a whistle) and Gavin Meikle as Grammarian (Coach). The word of the evening was commensurate. 

John Webber (physio) now took the field to warm the team up, asking everyone to mingle and pass compliments to members and guests alike. 

We then got underway for the match proper. Seasoned campaigner George Wilkinson kicked off with a talk on Emotional Quotients, advising how we should use our relationship skills as much as our logical skills to get ahead. Robin Clarke, new to the team but keen and nippy, then lead the charge with his Icebreaker, explaining his career path and the route to Toastmasters. Marian Way, the crowd favourite and cheeky entertainer in the team then gave us Ten Steps to Flipchart Magic, showing us how to boost our presentations. Finally, Robin Chawner, a safe pair of hands at the back, gave us a lesson in how to prepare and present our speeches. 

After the half-time interval, we resumed with our Evaluators. First up of our match commentators was Steve Green. Clearly a tactician he eschewed the tradition 3-21 formation in favour of a 1-3-2, but still gave positive feedback to George. Jewels Carter followed with the traditional 3-2-1, again providing Robin with suggestions to build on his excellent start. Sam Mathew forsook any tactics but set out what he, the man on the terraces, enjoyed and gained from Marian’s talk, before the Welsh Wizard, Michelle Baker, thanked Robin for his talk. 

Table Topics was dropped due to lack of time so it was onto Gavin to pick up on the use of language, before Keith Oliver gave his General Evaluation. Our second physio Louise Hockaday led us in a warm down, in which all present could set out what they had enjoyed and give ideas for improvements. 

John Webber concluded the meeting with the award of prizes for best speaker (Robin Chawner) and best evaluator (Michelle Baker), club business and asking guests for their comments. 

All agreed this had been an entertaining and enjoyable night with much promise for things to come.


 Keith Oliver, Roving Reporter

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Posted: Solent Speakers, 12 Sep 11, 20:11 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:

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