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February 17 February, Meeting theme: On this day

The evening provided consummate examples of sparkling speeches, exultant evaluations and triumphant table topics. Throughout the meeting, our Toastmaster Steve (Green) weaved in mention of various historical events that took place on this day throughout history. The one that has stuck in my mind is that on this day in 1795 Thomas Seddal harvested an 8.3-kg potato from his garden in Chester!

Tom (Balston) invited us all to warm up by revealing what we would make to take along to a party as a gift. Our responses included an assortment of edibles, a story, a knitted jumper, a recording of bird song, a photo, and even a bag of mess (interesting!). 

With his icebreaker speech, ‘It’s me’, new member James (Ballanger) decided to “jump in at the deep end and crack on”. In doing so, he demonstrated the wide range of speaking skills that he already has, not least appearing astonishingly cool, calm and collected. In her speech ‘Chasing Ideas’ Marion (Way)

took us on a tour de force of the life of David Groves. We learnt how David devoted himself to developing numerous therapeutic and coaching communication processes. We were swept along, by John (Tunstall), on a tide of humour and prose. John demonstrated the power of the ‘rule of three’

as he revealed how he used the lessons in a book written one hundred years ago to become super, fit, super fast and super thin.

Following a break the three speech evaluators all indicated some positive elements in the speeches. As well as, suggesting handy improvement points that we could all incorporate into our speeches. Tim Rampton gave us some juicy topics to wrap our brains around in developing our impromptu

speaking skills. He started with a focus on the meeting’s theme by inviting Margaret (Bishton) to share with us what this day, Shrove Tuesday, meant to her.

Best speech of the evening was awarded to John; best table topic speech went to Tom (Ryan), a first time visitor; and best evaluation presented to Sandra (Rampton).

Before wrapping up the meeting Gavin (Meikle) reminded us that there are contests coming up. The club International Speech and Evaluation Contests are on 3rd of March; the winners will go on to

compete at the Area 32 contests on 21st March.

Report by Wendy Benson Area 32 Area Governor
Posted: Solent Speakers, 19 Feb 15, 14:33 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:

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