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Solent Speakers Club Meeting Report 14/07/14 - By Antonia Harrison

Toastmaster for the evening Russell Streeter chose the theme “JOURNEY” and quoted, “Success is not the destination but the journey”.  Our Grammarian, Margaret Bishton, taught us the word  PEREGRINATE, from the Latin to travel, and eleven people used this word in their speeches, evaluations or impropmptu speeches. 

Warmup Master Robin Chawner asked everyone to talk about “Selfies” for 15 seconds and we learned a useful tip from Elena’s Grandmother  who recommends that we lie down on our backs before taking a selfie  so that our "wrinkles dissapear!"  

Disorder in Court

We enjoyed two Advanced Level speeches.  Robin Chawner donned a legal wig to deliver his humorous speech, a story set in a law court loosely involving several club members, one with “tartan-tinted toilet tissue”. 

Please welcome...

We then moved to a "TV studio"  as Gavin Meikle interviewed Marian Way , author of the book “Clean Language for Coaches”. 

This was Gavin's 3rd project from the advanced manual "Communicating on Video" Which required him to practice being a TV show host, interviewing a guest in front of a live studio audience.

Table Topics

Table Topics Master Elena Grogorieva gave  particpants a statements fwhich they had to explain. The responses were fascinating and included Graeme explaining the name ‘Rush Hour’, Marian Way telling us how she met her husband via a vodka bottle and Alex Spencer Hill agreeing that Google is better than the human mind for information.  New Member Anne Haddow  was voted the Best Table topic for explaining how she does not argue because she is always right.  Gavin Meikle used a mind map to prepare his topics evaluation and was voted Best Speaker and Best Evaluator. 

A New PR Campaign for Solent Speakers

President  Russell shared the outcomes of the first meeting of the new club committee including a host of PR initiatives including updating our website, increased activity on social media and a business presentation in Whitely.  He encouraged everyone to help by doing their bit to promoting the club to friends, family and work colleagues and to be active on the club's facebook page ,

Toastmasters - Where Leaders are Made

Finally, Vice President of Education, Gavin Meikle, talked about the benefits of developing our leadership skills  by utilising the COMPETENT LEADERSHIP (CL) manual and taking roles in meetings. His advice was...

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