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It was a night of looking forward and back - forward to the forthcoming olympics and back to the successes of last year in our annual Oscars awards.

Tim Rampton took the gavel as Sergeant at Arms to open this auspicious event, before a packed audience including no less than 7 guests. John Tunstall brought in the Olympic torch before lighting the cauldron. Tim then welcomed Pat Tunstall to the lectern as Toastmaster for the evening. Pat advised that the evening would be split into a relay (warm-up), sprint (speeches), marathon (Oscars) and rhythmic gymnastics (Table Topics).

Pat thanked Louise Hockaday for handling security (hospitality) which was better organised than for the real games. She then called on Peta Stampfer to explain about the timing and the lights, before Gavin Meikle gave us the word of the day- “Committed” in his role as Grammarian.

It was time to get the games underway and Martin Groom got us off with a relay - with the room split into two teams, and each member having to take the baton run round the room and then say what event they would like to participate in.  Events ranged from the traditional sports like jumping, diving and ‘fencing’, but also included haggis hunting and welly-wanging.

We next moved on to the sprints - with John Webber giving us a humorous speech containing a serious message, entitled “The Volcanic Eruption”.  John was followed by Brent Crouch with his 2nd speech,   "A Weighty Problem”. This chronicled his personal struggles with weight gain and left us with a powerful message about not forcing our children to eat everything on their plate.

Pat brought the games to a mid-way break and invited all to attend the Refreshment Station for a deserved break.

We resumed with the evaluations, provided eloquently by Maureen Scott and Robin Clarke. Issues commented on were keeping to the objectives, good contact with the audience and use of humour.

It was now time for the Oscars led John Tunstall. The winners of the various awards were as follows:

  • Innovation Award (IPP Award) - Martin Groom
  • Membership Building - Gavin Meikle
  • Public Relations - Gavin Meikle
  • Best Table Topics - Mark Perrin/Adrian Reed
  • Best Speaker - John Tunstall
  • Best Evaluator - John Webber
  • Best Newcomer - Peta Stampfer
  • Treasury - Keith Oliver
  • Bon Oeuf - Michelle Baker
  • Club Officer - Keith Oliver
  • Toastmaster of the Year - Jewels Carter
  • Founders Award - Gavin Meikle/John Webber

We  returned to the Olympic games theme with the mental gymnastics that are Table Topics. Steve Green led the session having previously given out medals and calling upon the winners of the various events to come forward and speak.  It fell to three guests and Tim Rampton to take up the challenge,  Charlotte told us about who was for the high jump, Tim told us about his dream Olympic venue, Tim Rampton told us who he would walk 500 miles for, and Rob explained when he last had to sprint.  

Gavin Meikle, in his role as Grammarian  reported back on the use of language and Marian Way evaluated the Table Topics.    Robin Chawner had the job of evaluating everything else as General Evaluator, concluding that we had had an “overwhelming operation of Olympic opportunity”.

Tim Rampton, as President, then gave out the awards ad declared the games closed calling upon Pat Tunstall to douse the Olympic flame.

Best Speaker - John Wenbber

Best Evaluator Robin Clarke

Best Table Topics - Charlotte (guest)

Most Innovative - Martin Groom


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