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Despite the traffic being tailed up outside the town we still had a good sized audience of members and guests.
Pat Tunstall got us underway as Sergeant at Arms, her warm and sunny welcome being in contrast to the weather outside.

Jewels Carter was the Toastmaster and welcomed all those present and indicated the changes to the agenda and set out the
theme for the evening “I Think, I am” and explained the law of attractions where you attract people by doing well.
She looked forward to good speeches, good evaluations and a good night. She then introduced Robin Chawner on lights
and John Tunstall as Grammarian. John gave the word of the evening as “Impact”, and was looking for both the word and
the deed.

David Cockeram next took the floor for the warm-up asking those present what they had wanted to be when they
grew up - air hostesses and formula one racing drivers featured as did road sweeper, working on the Gosport ferry and
being the first woman to the South Pole.

We were next treated to four speeches. Brent Crouch gave his Icebreaker with “Why I am here” and a whistlestop tour

of his career to date. Robin Clarke followed with a talk on Leadership Challenges focussing on engagement and
communication. Keith Oliver, doing the High Performance Manual spoke on his project of setting up a new club in
Portsmouth, before John Webber concluded with a humorous tale of a car crash in Sicily in Close Shaves.

After the voting for best speaker we broke for a break.

We returned for the evaluations, ably given by Tim Rampton, Steve Green, Michael John Smithson and Gavin Meikle,
when the warmth, pace and structure of the speeches were highlighted.

We rapidly moved to a hilarious and energetic Table Topics session led by Maureen Scott. The theme was promoting Toastmasters, with Tim Rampton
doing it as a Town Crier, Jewels Carter as Donald Duck, John Webber was an evangelist and Gavin Meikle a football

John Tunstall gave his Grammarians report on an evening “teeming with triples, awash with alliteration and loaded with
laughter” before Peta Stampfer evaluated the Table Topics picking up on the use of space and humour.

It was left to Louise Hockaday to evaluate all that hadn’t been evaluated as General Evaluator before
Gavin Meikle gave us a run through of promoting the club on social media. Tim Rampton concluded by handing out the
awards and dealing with club business, and thanking the Toastmaster and Timekeeper for keeping us to time.

Best Speaker - Keith Oliver
Best Evaluator - Steve Green
Best Table Topics - John Webber
Most Innovative - Maureen Scott

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