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Numbers were slightly down on recent weeks but that didn’t curtail the entertainment and fun enjoyed by all, nor the pleasure of welcoming two new members, Peta Stampfer and Allan Wadsworth.

Sam Mathew started proceedings as Sergeant at Arms and started the fun of the night in giving the instructions in case of fire, fortunately they were not required. Martin Groom then took the lectern as Toastmaster in an assured and professional manner, and advised that the theme of the evening was to be humour and started with a few funny quotes and some video clips to get the chuckle muscles working.

Pat Tunstall, our almost resident Timekeeper, explained the use of the lights and regaled us with some relevant quotes, before Tim Rampton explained the role of Grammarian and set the word of the evening as “wit”.

Dave Symondson took on the role of Warm-up Master and asked the members and guests what made them smile. Answers ranged from family and pets to old jokes and others misfortunes.

The Toastmaster now led us onto the speeches, starting with Jewels carter who gave us a harrowing tale of a physical assault she had suffered and how she overcame it in “The Spot”. Steve Green next explained how we had lost the art of witty riposte, and gave us some suitable phrases for next time we wanted to express our anger in “I don’t believe it!” Finally Michael John Smithson gave a touching speech honouring is maternal grandfather in “Grandad”.

A break was now called for members and guests to make acquaintances before we returned for the evaluations. George Wilkinson, John Tunstall and Michelle Baker did the honours, picking up on the use of movement and the need for a strong conclusion.

We now moved to Table Topics, and John Webber gave us five agony aunt letters to answer. Maureen Scott  replied to a man who wanted to sell his leg to raise cash, Gavin Meikle responded to a girl whose boyfriend had left after being literally thrown out of the house, Allan Wadsworth replied to a man who felt women walked all over him, and Keith Oliver gave advice to a woman who couldn’t find the perfect man. Finally Peta Stampfer advised on which way a toilet roll should be hung.

We now moved onto the reports by Tim Rampton who picked up on some of the more unusual phrases, and James Rolfe who evaluated the Table Topics.

Before handing over to the Club President it fell to Louise Hockaday as General Evaluator to assess the evening and she commented on the sense of teamwork displayed in the room.

John Webber as Club President dealt briefly with club business and handed out the ribbons and awards before closing the meeting.

Best Speaker - Jewels Carter

Best Evaluator - John Tunstall

Best Table Topics - Peta Stampfer

Most Innovative - Martin Groom

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