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It was a change of format as the agenda was adjusted to accommodate John Webber's winning contest speech to allow everyone the chance to evaluate it before the Area contest.

John Tunstall had the role of sergeant at arms and got the another packed meeting underway passing over to the Toastmaster, Tim Rampton. Tim, in a professional and relaxed manner explained the way the meeting was to run and also interspersed the evening by asking members what they felt was important in a speech.

Pat Tunstall as Timekeeper explained the workings of the timings, and advised that she had made 11 words out of the letters T-I-M-E. Louise Hockaday set the word of the evening as grammarian, giving us Kismet meaning fate or destiny, and also advised she would be looking for examples of good and bad language.

Paul Underwood had the role of Warm-Up Master and asked members to recount proud moments. It was again the usual mix of moments ranging from sporting achievements, the birth of children to passing driving tests amongst others.

The meeting now moved to John Webber to give his contest speech, having amended the title to “When a tea-towel is not enough”. Cat Borrow first advised the meeting that papers had been given to everyone to make comments on certain aspects of the talk,and that they would be asked to consider those points and respond in the second half of the meeting. John gave another polished performance with some changes from the previous contest performance.

Following John's speech we were treated to to icebreakers from new members, Dave Symondson, with his speech “The Younger Years”, about his  contracting cancer as a child and the importance of health, followed by Martin Groom and his talk “Dressed for 50p” about his childhood when money was tight and the lessons he had learned.

Members and guests now broke for the break, before returning for the evaluations of Dave and Martin's speeches by Gavin Bergin and Jewels Carter respectively. Both gave effusive praise while also setting out pointers for the future.

Louise Hockaday gave her Grammarians report identifying the importance of simple language, and the strong use of picture painting by all the speakers.

Cat Borrow again took the lectern and ably led the evaluation of John's speech in which everyone, guests and members alike, were able to identify those points they liked and where improvements could still be made. The quality of the evaluations were high and it was encouraging to see even new members giving quality feedback.

Time was now pressing and the Table Topics, led by Gavin Bergin were curtailed. Gavin chose to ask those present to volunteer thoughts, for or against, firstly on the issue of whether the Government's suggestion that the roads should be privatised, and secondly whether they supported the motion that same sex couples should be allowed to marry. While the first led to a lively debate, few wanted to address the second, the inference being that the majority either supported the motion or the subject was too sensitive to air personal views in public.

Keith Oliver gave the General Evaluation commenting favourably on the way the meeting was run and how all had participated., before John Webber, as Club President handed out the ribbons and awards.

Best Speaker – Martin Groom

Best Evaluator – Gavin Bergin

A successful meeting was concluded by two new members joining, and we welcome Laura Paddon and Edmund Hayes as members and wish them a successful Toastmasters journey.

Photo courtesy of orphanjones

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