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Our first meeting in November fell the night after Halloween so it was no surprise that a horror theme ran through the meeting. Steve Green, with werewolf mask and musical headstone, got the meeting underway as Sergeant at Arms. 

Louise Hockaday was our Toastmaster and regaled us with her favourite horror movies after advising members and guests of the running order for the evening and protocols. Pat Tunstall took on the role of Timekeeper in the absence of Neil Burns, and Gavin Meikle, as Grammarian set the word of the night as ‘Cogitate’ meaning to think over something or ponder. 

Michelle Baker picked up on the horror theme and asked “what was the most scary thing that happened to you?” - answers ranged from fear of heights, dogs, spiders and driving at speed to daleks. 

We then moved on to the speeches, with Kanchu McAllister delivering her Icebreaker speech entitled “Your Life in my Hands” informing us of her career as an anaesthetist. Gavin Bergin followed with a speech entitled “Perception”, advising how lack of knowledge and understanding can distort our perceptions of events. Finally Jewels Carter gave a speech entitled “A Thoroughly Modern Syndrome” indicating how new syndromes have evolved in keeping with our modern ways. 

Following the break Robin Chawner, Mustafa Soomro and Susy Mathews evaluated the speeches, before Pat Tunstall led the Table Topics. Pat advised that words that sounded the same but had different meanings are called ‘homophones’, and then set 4 Table Topics based on one such homophone. Adrian Reed started with a time when he should have paused, advising of an e-mail he had sent. James Rolfe followed with what animal with paws he would like to be, speaking of dogs but deciding he wanted to be a bear. Pat referred to the phrase ‘it never rains but it pours’ and asked Simon Smith what weather he liked. Simon, a keen skier, advised he liked the snow. Finally referring to the pores on your body Keith Oliver was asked what made him sweat, to which he responded it was the fear of setting up a new business with bills still having to be paid but no certainty of being paid. 

Gavin Meikle gave his Grammarians report, followed by Robin Clarke who evaluated the Table Topics, before John Tunstall gave the General Evaluation of the whole evening. 

John Webber, Club President, gave out the awards and asked guests for their comments. Jewels Carter and Gavin Bergin shared the award of Best Speaker, Adrian Reed won Best Table Topics, Robin Chawner and Susy Matthews shared Best Evaluator and Steve Green took most Innovative role. 

After the meeting James Rolfe joined as a member.

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