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Speech Contest Success for Past and Current President's

Tim & Russell Excel in Recent Club Contest

Tuesday 3rd March was the date of our annual speech and evaluation contests. As expected, it proved to be a highly entertaining...

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LABELS:  SOLENT SPEAKERS CLUB,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  EVALUATION CONTEST 2015,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414
Posted: Solent Speakers, 05 Mar 15, 10:18 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:


Our first meeting in March was given over the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest and was played out to another packed house. After Martin Groom had opened...

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LABELS:  SOLENT SPEAKERS,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  EVALUATION CONTEST,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414
Posted: Solent Speakers, 08 Mar 12, 16:45 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:

Rib-Tickling Fun


If laughter is the best medicine then everyone left out second meeting this month in fine spirits,...

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LABELS:  CONTEST,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 LAUGHTER,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 HUMOROUS,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 SPEECH,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 TABLE TOPICS,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 GUESTS,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 FUN,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 ,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414
Posted: Solent Speakers, 24 Sep 11, 22:33 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:

Solent Speakers kicks off after holidays
LABELS:  WORLD CUP,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  AUSTRALIAN GUEST,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 ICEBREAKER,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414  ADVANCED SPEECHES,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 ROBIN CHAWNER,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414 ,&sid=272468dafe5878505924018f4bbc5414
Posted: Solent Speakers, 12 Sep 11, 20:11 by Gavin Meikle    Comments: 0

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