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Education Session Report - 30th July 2019

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" (Malcolm X). 

Our first...

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LABELS:  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  SOLENT SPEAKERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  FAREHAM,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  GOSPORT,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0
Posted: Solent Speakers, 07 Aug 19, 15:26 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:

“17 years ago....on the 27th May... my life changed forever”

It started as a rather unremarkable, hot and humid Educational evening. The meeting theme “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” had the privileged attendees...

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LABELS:  SOLENT SPEAKERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  EDUCATION EVENING,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  FAREHAM,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0
Posted: Solent Speakers, 03 Jun 18, 22:32 by Gavin Meikle    Comments:

easy-Speak in Romanian
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  LANGUAGE,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  ROMANIAN,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0
Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 16:23 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

Area 32 Speech and Evaluation Contest Report 2016
Posted: Solent Speakers, 19 Mar 16, 20:56 by Gavin Meikle    Comments: 0
International Speech and Evaluation Contest 2016
LABELS:  SOLENT SPEAKERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  FAREHAM,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASSES,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  CONTEST,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0
Posted: Solent Speakers, 01 Mar 16, 09:41 by Gavin Meikle    Comments: 0
Solent Speakers 16/06/15 Ray Adams – Guest General Evaluator
LABELS:  SOLENT SPEAKERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  TOASTMASTERS,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  FAREHAM,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  GOSPORT,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  SPEAKING CLUB,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0  SPEAKING CLASSES,&sid=08f8306a107181b38f1ab50ba5c532f0
Posted: Solent Speakers, 20 Jun 15, 12:03 by Gavin Meikle    Comments: 0

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