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WOW Conference Results

Dear District 71 Members,

As you are aware, our WoW Conference was held in Wexford Ireland this past weekend and the only way it can be described is WoW!  


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LABELS:  REFORMATION,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  CONTEST WINNERS,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  ELECTIONS,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  CONFERENCE,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3
Posted: District 71, 17 May 12, 00:08 by Teresa Dukes    Comments:

Toastmasters on TV in Ireland

Toastmasters International got a major publicity boost on Tuesday 3rd January when 5 members were invited to contribute to a special 50th Anniversary...

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LABELS:  TOASTMASTERS ON RTE1,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  RTE1 50TH ANNIVERSARY,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3
Posted: District 71, 08 Jan 12, 21:56 by Hilary Briggs    Comments:

3 Top Tips for Powerful Presentations from Andrew Brammer

Speaking after his inspiring workshop at the recent Flourish Conference, former D71 Champion Speaker and Performance Storyteller Andrew Brammer explains his 3 top tips for...

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LABELS:  POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  STORYTELLING,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  BRINGING YOUR AUDIENCE IN,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3  SPEAKING TIPS,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3
Posted: District 71, 08 Jan 12, 21:24 by Hilary Briggs    Comments:

The Christmas easy-Speak software release
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3 CLUB MANAGEMENT,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3 SOFTWARE,&sid=18adab7c4d389b1310a1bbd762ef03b3
Posted: District 71, 28 Dec 11, 12:24 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

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