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Marie Newman — VP Education

I am a Chartered Surveyor who has worked in the south coast property market for the last 20 years. I joined Spinnaker Speakers to conquer a fear of public speaking and improve my communications skills. In the forthcoming year, I would like to help new members on their journeys to becoming great speakers by encouragement (gentle I promise!) to both give speeches and take on roles at the club's meetings.

I would like to thank all of those who voted me in as VP of Education and for this opportunity to help the club to even greater success.


Sue Woodriffe — Sergeant at Arms

I moved back to Portsmouth 3 years ago having lived in Emsworth for nearly 30 years where my 2 sons grew up. My long time interest in the mind/body connection led to my becoming a practitioner working with the body, mind, and emotions. One of my main reasons for joining Toastmasters is to hone my skills as a speaker to enable to speak about my work to various groups. As Sergeant at Arms, I will do my best to fulfill the role and would welcome any help when it comes to getting the room ready etc. Thanks for the vote of confidence in appointing me to this role.

  Matt Roseblade — VP Membership

I'm a husband, father, IT geek and amateur comedian from Southsea. I'm originally from Gloucestershire and have followed an unconventional career path to bring me here. I've been a shepherd, a factory laborer, a shop assistant and a door-to-door salesman before becoming an international IT Consultant.

The role of VP Membership is to get happy bums onto seats. Existing members should be consulted to ensure that the club continues to provide a rewarding experience and new members should be sought out, encouraged and nurtured. I intend to tap into the local performing community and demonstrate the benefits of Toastmaster membership to those who would never have considered it but who need to do public speaking as part of their activities. 

There's no better volunteer than the volunteer who forgot that he volunteered and then finds himself surprised and flattered to have been nominated and elected into such a key role. Even when I remembered that I did volunteer, I'm still touched that you've all given me this opportunity.

Aidan Weston — VP Public Relations

I am a University student always looking for ways to learn and grow to unlock my full potential. I joined Toastmasters because I was willing to overcome my fear of public speaking and improve my communication skills. As VP of PR, I plan to spread an awareness of our club and continue to help our club’s supportive community. Thank you for voting for me, I will take this great opportunity to add value to the club and help others.

Salim Rahman — Secretary

My name is Salim M Rahman, I'm an Architect and a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. I have joined Toastmasters International in September 2016 upon reading about the Spinnaker Speakers. I was working for the company that had delivered the Emirate Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

I would like to achieve and complete my all Project 10 speeches from Competent Communication manual and Project 2 from Competent Leadership manual. Toastmasters International offers excellent opportunity and practical guide to a better speaker and better leadership, which is very important part of professional life.

I would like to thank committee President Amonn Al-Mahrouq and fellow Toastmasters and committee members, who have elected me to be the club Secretary for 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.

Brent Crouch — Treasurer

I have been Treasurer since early 2014 – having previously also been club secretary. The club started out in debt as there were up-front fees to initially register/charter the club with TMI. Over the years the club has paid off its loan and now has modest savings. Some of my responsibilities include managing club bank accounts, reporting club finances to the committee & AGM, collecting member’s dues. My aim is to see that the club finance position continues to improve and to be able to collect payments via credit cards/PayPal.



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