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Hall of Fame 2010-11

At the recent District 71 Autumn Conference - Flourish 2011 we also had the chance to see the Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame is a time to celebrate our members’ achievements in Educational and Leadership Awards during 2010 – 2011.  It is also a chance to honour with special awards those Leaders who have given exceptional service to D71 as they are recognised for their outstanding accomplishments. 

District Governor Commendations 2010-11

A special award given to members who the District Governor feels have demonstrated exemplary service and dedication at Club, Area, Division or District level.  These remarkable Toastmasters leaders have given their time, effort and passion for the organization.  As a result, they have helped Toastmasters International and District 71 maintain its reputation as the world leader in communication and leadership training. There were 10 recipients for this award who were:  Bridget Elliott, Gillian Cutts, Elaine Stavely, Mary O'Connor, Jane Cameron, James Armitage, Dusty Miller, Simon Wallis, Cecil Kirk, Rory Marriott.  


District Governor's Distinguished Clubs Award

This award is new and recognizes the top three Divisions which achieved the highest percentage of Distinguished clubs in 2010-11

93.75% clubs distinguished


Andy O’Sullivan


83.87% clubs distinguished


Phil Heath


79.41% clubs distinguished


Peter Kieran


District Governor’s Extension Award

All Divisions were challenged to grow by 3-4 clubs this year.  This award is new and recognizes the top three Divisions which achieved outstanding development of new clubs in 2010-11


Andy O’Sullivan

With net growth 6 clubs


Phil Heath

With Net growth 5 clubs


Peter Kieran

With net growth 4 clubs


District Governor’s 20-Plus Award

District 71 has held the accolade since 1992 of achieving the highest percentage of clubs with 20 or more members.  We reached 87.5% of our clubs reaching 20+ members in 2010-11 ranking us FIRST in the world.   This award is new and recognizes the top three Divisions, which successfully motivated Clubs to achieve and maintain charter strength.

With 100%


Andy O’Sullivan

With 92%


Siobhan Doherty

With 91.67%


Phil Heath



Three very prestigious awards which highlight individuals who have grown in their leadership and communication skills as well as their ability to “Inspire With Passion” throughout the year.  Three people who are not afraid to stand up and say YES to every learning opportunity that presents itself.

Area Governor of the Year - JEAN GAMESTER, AREA 4

An Area Governor needs to be methodical and organized due to all they have to accomplish throughout their year.  They must be true to the goals they’ve set and motivate and encourage those around them to help these goals come to fruition. Jean set her sights on reaching President’s Distinguished Area, which she accomplished.  She started a new corporate club in record time and visited regularly with her club presidents.  She even took on the role as club coach when required to help a struggling club.  Jean has helped at every stage throughout her year and was invaluable to the Division Governor. Jean has shown true leadership qualities in all she achieved during 2010-11.     

Division Governor of the Year - Andy O'Sullivan

A Division Governor has the responsibility of managing a team of leaders supporting and motivating them while ensuring that the vision and goals of the Division are met.  Andy  exceeded all expectations and goals set.  He managed the very experienced team around him with quiet calm and sensitivity allowing them to further grow and develop.  He ensured that educational and leadership opportunities were provided to all who wanted to partake.  When speaking with this leader during the transitional period in June Teresa knew that we would be seeing good things during their tenure.  They did not disappoint! 

Toastmaster of the Year - Greg Ros

A Toastmaster of the Year is an individual who has shown exemplary dedication and support to their Club, Area, Division and District.  They truly live up to the Toastmasters Promise and Vision and Mission.  Greg has stood out to Teresa not only during 2010-11 but in previous years as well.  Putting other people’s needs in front of their own.  Encouraging and motivating members to take steps outside of their comfort zones. Greg does not know the word NO – he readily says YES to every learning opportunity that presents itself and carries it out with a smile!  Even when given outrageous requests at short notice they always give 100%.  Greg is highly active at every level of our organization and one of our up and coming leaders.

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