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easy-Speak in Romanian
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  LANGUAGE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  ROMANIAN,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 16:23 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

easy-Speak - 10th anniversary edition

We are now celebrating the 10th anniversary of easy-Speak club management system.

It was on the 4th May 2005, at a meeting of Bicester Speakers in...

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LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  UPDATE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  10_ANNIVERSARY,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: Site-wide posting, 07 May 15, 08:14 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

UK and Ireland

To all Toastmasters in the UK & Ireland - welcome to the start of a brand new Toastmaster year. Looking forward - it brings us great challenges - to be the best District in the...

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LABELS:  D71 & D91,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 30 Jun 14, 20:21 by Phil Heath    Comments:

easy-Speak system updates
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  SPEED,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  UPDATE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: Site-wide posting, 27 May 14, 21:15 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
Change of domain - away from
LABELS:  NEW DOMAIN,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 DISTRICT 71,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  DISTRICT 91,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 21 May 14, 15:40 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
Upcoming Public Club Open Nights
LABELS:  OPEN NIGHT,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 05 Apr 14, 23:16 by Forgotten User    Comments: 0
Update to the mobile-aware agenda in easy-Speak
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 MOBILE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 AGENDA,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 BOOK-ATTENDANCE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: Site-wide posting, 26 Jan 14, 12:06 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
easy-Speak in a language other than English
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 LANGUAGE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 TRANSLATION,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: Site-wide posting, 01 Jan 14, 12:31 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
Boadicea Conference Review
LABELS:  CONFERENCE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 26 Dec 13, 20:03 by Forgotten User    Comments: 0
UK & Ireland Champion on BBC Radio 2
LABELS:  PR,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 RADIO,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 11 Dec 13, 13:15 by Greg Ros    Comments: 0
easy-Speak on a mobile
LABELS:  IPHONE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 ANDROID,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 MOBILE PHONE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 MEETING ATTENDANCE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 AGENDA,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 10 Dec 13, 16:41 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
New feature - webcal Calendars
LABELS:  IPHONE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  IPAD,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  ANDROID,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  GOOGLE_CALENDAR,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  OUTLOOK_CALENDAR,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 31 Aug 13, 10:21 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
WOW Conference Results
LABELS:  REFORMATION,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  CONTEST WINNERS,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  ELECTIONS,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  CONFERENCE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 17 May 12, 00:08 by Teresa Dukes    Comments: 0
Toastmasters on TV in Ireland
LABELS:  TOASTMASTERS ON RTE1,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  RTE1 50TH ANNIVERSARY,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 08 Jan 12, 21:56 by Hilary Briggs    Comments: 0
3 Top Tips for Powerful Presentations from Andrew Brammer
LABELS:  POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  STORYTELLING,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  BRINGING YOUR AUDIENCE IN,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  SPEAKING TIPS,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 08 Jan 12, 21:24 by Hilary Briggs    Comments: 0
The Christmas easy-Speak software release
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 CLUB MANAGEMENT,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 SOFTWARE,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 28 Dec 11, 12:24 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
Hall of Fame 2010-11
LABELS:  DISTRICT 71,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  HALL OF FAME,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  AREA,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  DIVISION,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  COMMENDATION,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 14 Nov 11, 19:50 by Teresa Dukes    Comments: 0
Notice of District Council Meeting
LABELS:  DISTRICT COUNCIL,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  FLOURISH,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3  NOVEMBER 2011,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 30 Sep 11, 23:48 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
District Blog goes live!
LABELS:  BLOG,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3 DISTRICT,&sid=ea117ed4f974cf76eedbec6e202979d3
Posted: District 71, 31 Aug 11, 14:05 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

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