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Committee Meetings  
18th August 2015

Minutes of Malvern Speakers Committee Meeting #1 held at 3 Cockshot Rd, Malvern on Tuesday 18th August 2015.

Present: Hilary Benoit (President), Steve Birch (VP Ed), Caroline Bellhouse (Secretary), Jackie Preuss (Treasurer), David Evans ( Sergeant at Arms), William Dutton (IT Support)

Apologies: Hazel Robinson (VPM), Elaine Watt (VPPR), Jane Anson (member),Wendy Aridela (member)

HB opened the meeting at 1905 and called for committee reports.

Treasurer Report (JP and SB): nothing significant to report since the last committee meeting.

Secretary Report  (CB): Proxy  vote for TI AGM in Las Vegas given to Jean Gamester (HB arranged this). No other club correspondence or business to report.

VPPR Report(EW absent but has spoken with SB and HB): Noted that the Malvern Gazette What's On column has the wrong dates for our meetings (1st and 3rd instead of 2nd and 4th). HB to contact EW to see if she is able to speak with them; if EW cannot then HB will chase it up.

HB to ask EW if she is able to produce the monthly newsletter, if not then HB will continue producing it.

HB to send WD (  all back copies of newsletter to post on the website.

VPM Report (HR absent) Club needs 8 new members by June 2016. We have had 3 since July, the most recent being  Angela Tandurella.

HB to write a piece that can be used locally  for recruiting members.

VPEd Report (SB) Club is on track for the Distinguished Club Programme. Newer members are being slotted into more advanced roles which will help with leadership tracks.

SAA Report (DE): Has spoken with Jeremy at The Great Malvern pub and he is willing to store the club box, banner etc in the barrel room. SB and DE to get together to discuss the contents of the box and take it to the GM for storage.

DE is able to set up the room every other meeting, he and SB to communicate and rotate the role.

President's Report (HB): has sent club plan to Roger Granville. ( Area Governor).

Club Officer Training  being held Sunday 23rd August at Mount Pleasant Hotel, Malvern at 1pm. HB, DE, SB, have confirmed. CB to confirm her attendance and JP will attend also. Club to pay for our attendees.

Our club is not hosting it but SB will help set up and HB will bake a cake.


  1. Club Logo. Thanks to JA for her design. To be used on website, agenda, all PR, directional signs, newsletter. WD to contact JA for highest quality image so that he can merge hills image and logo and submit to committee.
  2. Contests. Upcoming Humorous  and Table Topics contests. DE is contest chair, EW chief judge. DE to meet with SB and go through paperwork, rules etc on Sunday.
  3. Lift rota for Allan Roberts. Noted that although people have offered verbally, no one put their name down. Don't want it to be a burden and if DE is setting up room, CB and SB more free to pick him up.

Next meeting at 1915 on Tuesday 17th November 2015 at 3 Cockshot Road , Malvern.

Meeting closed by HB at 2010.

13th July 2015

Minutes of Malvern Speakers Committee Meeting #1 held at 3 Cockshot Rd, Malvern on Monday 13 th July 2015.

Present: Sarah Williams (Immediate Past President), Hilary Benoit (President), Sarah Colloby (VP Ed), Elaine Watt (VPPR), Caroline Bellhouse (Secretary), Steve Birch (Treasurer), David Evans ( Sergeant at Arms), William Dutton (VP IT), Jane Anson (member),Wendy Aridela (member)

Apologies: Hazel Robinson (VPM)

HB opened the meeting at 1915 and thanked SW for her efforts as President last year and welcomed the new committee. Call for reports.

SAA Report DE:

may have problems being early to set up every meeting due to work commitments. Discussion of dividing the labour for this but for now SB/ CB continue to set up on Tuesday afternoons prior to meeting.

DE to ask Jeremy at Great Malvern Hotel if club kit can be left at the venue.

DE agreed to print agendas at work with a cut off time of 2pm (for anyone to inform him of alterations) on the day of the meeting.

Treasurer/Membership Report SB:

Current balance is £821.48 with costs for badges and Bangers and Mash night to be paid out so balance will be approx £500. SB to produce financial statements for committee meetings.

£10 was lost on Bangers and Mash night and the club contributed 2p to each members badge (members paid £5 per badge)

Club owns a projector now. Old screen available when necessary.

Club owns full set of advanced manuals.

Discussion of printing costs for club...some members able to print at their workplace so no need currently.

EW to approach Bob Cartwright regarding buying/loaning microphone if needed by any members.

All members paid up except Christian Saguyan who owes £19 and is leaving due to study commitments. SB to chase this up.

41 members currently. Potential to create a new Malvern Club in the future but committee agreed this is not desired during this Toastmasters year.

VPPR Report EW:

Asked if there was a budget for PR and discussed online publicity options: Twitter, You Tube etc Decided no need for big PR push at the moment. EW/WD to follow up club Twitter account.

Secretary Report CB:

Will keep minutes of committee meetings and email to committee for amendments etc within the following four days and ensure a few paper copies are available to members at meetings.

All club mail comes to 3 Cockshot Rd currently.

CB/SB to ensure member numbers are sent to WHQ on time.

VPPEd Report SC:

Keen to tighten up the current haphazard mentoring system using educational ( programmed for September presented by SC and CB) and questionnaires (copies circulated and to be printed on back of next meeting agenda by DE) WA mentioned that very similar questions are on the website.

SC to ensure that 2 educationals are programmed before December.  ( Mentoring in September and power point presentations in November).

SC to look into possible debate night and possibly theme nights.

HB led discussion of DCP. Proposals:

2 x CC = SC,JIm Ballard by July

2 x CC = Cate Cody,John Day by December

1 x AC = SB (ACS) by March

1 x AC = SW (ACB) by June

Leadership x 3 = HB,SC,Amanda Duncan by May

Club Officer Training on August 23rd in Malvern. Attendees HB,CB,SB, +/- DE

Club Logo: JA displayed images for club logo design for use on flyers, agendas etc alongside TMI logo. Discussion and JA to tweak and email changes to committee members.

Contests: HB to finalise dates in September/October  for Humorous and Table Topic club contests from Roger Granville (Area Governor)

AOB: SB mentioned transportation  of member Allan Roberts to and from Train stations to meetings. Suggestion of core group of people to be involved. CB to discuss with Allan at tomorrow nights meeting.

Next Committee Meeting 18/8/15 7pm at 3 Cockshot Rd.

HB closed the meeting at 2110


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