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A "Stunning" night of debate, stories and anecdote

Our meeting on September 19th also doubled as an open night. As it turned out we were down a few numbers but nevertheless
had another engaging meeting. We will look to have another open night type meeting at a later date.

Moira O'Brien stepped up to mark as Toasmaster for the night and, as ever, ably guided the meeting through its various stages.
Kevin Bradfield ensured we kept to our designated time slots while Margaret Lucey observed the grammar and kept tabs on how 
well we succeeded in incorporating the word of the night (stunning) into our various exhanges.

We had two highly enjoyable speeches. The first, by Claire O'Leary was a stage 3 speech entitled "Celebrate and Give Thanks".
Claire's talk took the form of a work related speech where we, the audience, were the suppliers, customers and other invited 
guests to an event held by Claire and her husband to celebrate the continued success of their business.

The second speech, by Ted Mellamphy, was an advanced talk from the "Competition and Other Speeches" manual. It also related to
work life as Ted gave us a personal account of how he rose to the challenge when faces with taking on a new career direction.

Table topics for the night were provided by Tom O'Connor and we were treated to an eclectic mix ranging from pondering why
we Irish love to talk about the weather through to explaining why men fall well short of women when it comes to multi-tasking.

Speech evaluations were provided by Peter Neville and Moira O'Brien and the overall meeting evaluation was given by Michael Lynch.

Our next meeting is on October 3rd at 8pm in the Castle Hotel Macroom and all are welcome.

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Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 01 Oct 17, 23:19 by Michael Lynch    Comments:

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