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A "Stunning" night of debate, stories and anecdote

Our meeting on September 19th also doubled as an open night. As it turned out we were down a few numbers but nevertheless
had another engaging meeting. We...

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Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 01 Oct 17, 23:19 by Michael Lynch    Comments: 0

A new season, but not superfluous!

The summer holidays are over and its back to normal for Toastmasters.We had a good turnout at meeting number 34 despite some members still being away on holiday, or for work.


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Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 07 Sep 17, 02:20 by Moira O'Brien    Comments: 0

Our last three meetings

We fell a bit behind with our blog in the last month of the Toastmasters' year. In the May and June meetings we had speeches from:

Christine Murphy - Icebreaker - "Second...

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Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 22 Aug 17, 17:51 by Moira O'Brien    Comments: 0

Ambiguity is not our forté.
LABELS:  MEETINGS,&sid=1bdf79e4f6ea1313cd818da3ea128071
Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 02 May 17, 13:37 by Moira O'Brien    Comments: 0
A convoluted meeting?
LABELS:  MEETINGS,&sid=1bdf79e4f6ea1313cd818da3ea128071
Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 16 Apr 17, 11:58 by Moira O'Brien    Comments: 0
An Eclectic Mix of Members & Guests at Meeting 26
LABELS:  MEETINGS,&sid=1bdf79e4f6ea1313cd818da3ea128071
Posted: Lee Valley Speakers, 25 Mar 17, 01:10 by Moira O'Brien    Comments: 0

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