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This is a 6 – 8 week public speaking program which will be run by competent Toastmasters aimed at various organisations who wish to develop their communication and leadership skills. It is based on the Toastmasters Speechcraft  manual

The format of the workshop will involve Topics and Speeches.  Also included will be feedback on the speeches and analysing what makes a good speech.  Some winning speeches may also be shown so this will be an entertaining program.


A list of Toastmasters has been compiled across Ireland and the UK who are willing to deliver the program.  Ideally there will be a list of ambassadors for public speaking of the various organisations who will work out the logistics of venues, dates and times that are most convenient.  We can tailor the program to the each club’s individual requirements.  It would be great if there was a volunteer for the first meeting who has the opportunity to deliver the speech again at the last meeting implementing all he/she has learnt along the way.


Do participants have to speak at the first meeting?
No, only those who volunteer to speak will be asked.

What organisations are you working with?
To date we’ve delivered courses to Vodafone UK, Accenture, BNI, Macra.

How much will it cost?
Toastmasters is a non-profit organisation, and all of its members give their time for free.  Therefore the only costs are for venues (where applicable), and for the brilliant speech manuals.  Prices are likely to vary from 50 Euros per person for the whole course.

How long is each meeting?
Meetings will be typically from 60 – 90 mins long depending on numbers participating.

Will I become a better speaker after 5 weeks?
Let’s compare delivering a great speech to running a marathon, the more training you do the better you will be prepared.  After 6 weeks you will have learned and practiced some great techniques, will have had guidance and encouragement from expert speakers and we know from experience that you will be a more confident speaker.

I’m interested, how do I sign up?  And can I just go along to the first one to see if it’s for me?
We will set a maximum of 10 new participants per program.  Feel free to come along to any meeting for a taster.

Anna Holland, Limerick Macra President commented “We are so grateful to Toastmasters for approaching us and providing this public speaking training.  I’ve found the structured environment for learning very encouraging.  Indeed we are learning valuable tips on time management and how to hold a meeting.  Feedback from any participant I’ve spoken to has been positive”.

Dave McEvoy, BNI member “Toastmasters is the fastest method I have seen for increasing the effectiveness of 60 second presentations and creating more effective conversations.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It is the perfect complement to BNI membership”.


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