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Evaluate to Motivate

It may have been Bank Holiday Monday but the fifth Monday of the month was a good excuse for an education slot, and a mix of old and new members attended to share ideas about evaluations.

Brent Crouch hosted the meeting and while waiting for the technology for the first presentation led a quick warm up based on Superpowers. Several attendees chose teleportation, while others chose flying, ability to get their message across and making others happy.

With his presentation now ready Brent gave an introduction to essential evaluations. He highlighted what a good evaluation should cover and what it should not and finished with the benefits of a good structure such as 3-2-1.

He then called on Aaron O’Sullivan to give a target speech. Aaron gave his project 5 speech “3 Important Questions” setting all the challenge of identifying their goals by identifying the experiences they wanted, how they would grow and what they would contribute.

It was now time for the obligatory break, following which Amonn Al-Mahrouq evaluated Aaron’s speech.

Keith Oliver was then asked to evaluate the evaluation.

Wendy Benson then asked all present what they enjoyed about Aaron’s speech and areas for improvement.

The evening was successful in allowing everyone to contribute and to share thoughts and concerns about evaluations.

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Posted: Spinnaker Speakers, 31 May 16, 20:29 by keithgo    Comments:

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