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In Leaps and Bounds

With a surfeit of members wanting to do speeches the opportunity was taken to insert an extra meeting on the 5th Monday of the month. Despite the additional date the meeting was well attended.

Sarah Waters was Sergeant at Arms and got the meeting started with a friendly and warm welcome before dispensing the housekeeping matters, and introducing our Toastmaster for the evening, Ellie Zheleva.

Ellie welcomed everyone and explained the purpose of the meeting. She also explained that as we had four speakers the meeting would need to be kept strictly to time.

She therefore called on Ray Adams to explain the use of the lights to keep to time. Next up was Keith Oliver, who explained that as Grammarian his role was to look for examples of good and and grammar. He also set the phrase of the evening “by leaps and bounds” reflecting the fact that the day was 29th February making it a leap year.

Ellie then called on Wendy Benson to lead the warm up. Wendy asked members what were their treasured memories, explaining how she looked back fondly on Icebreaker speeches. Others picked up on past holidays, childhood memories and moments with their own children.

Ellie now called up the speakers in turn. Aaron O’Sullivan started with his Icebreaker “My Three Passions”, family, travelling and entrepreneurship. Premraj Premprakash followed with his second speech with a tale of trying to catch a flight from Heathrow. Alison Cross then gave her Icebreaker, entitled “Time” before Tricia Jones concluded with her Icebreaker “Who is Tricia Jones?”

After the voting we broke for our usual break.

Sarah Waters re-opened the meeting and Ellie asked for the evaluators to give their thoughts on the four speakers, which was ably done by Brent Crouch, Ann Carver, Ray Adams and Wendy Benson respectively.

Sophy Smith was then called to the lectern to lead on Table Topics. Sophy too had picked up on the leap year theme with a series of pictures which she asked volunteers to talk too. Brent Crouch spoke on cliff jumping, Keith Oliver on nursery rhymes, Ann Carver recalled her wild youth, Sarah Waters spoke about challenges, and Wendy Benson told of training goldfish to leap.

There was just time for the Grammarian’s report before Wendy Benson drew the evening to a close, welcoming our newest member, Juliette Scott.


Best Speaker – Tricia Jones

Best Evaluator – Ann Carver

Besst Table Topics – Wendy Benson

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