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With only one meeting it was apt we had our Xmas social but in a Toastmaster manner.


Wendy Benson led the event as Toastmaster and after the initial housekeeping rules invited Aaron O’Sullivan to lead the warm up.


Aaron asked everyone what they looked forward to at Xmas. Those present identified the food, being with family and friends and everyone enjoying themselves, although some just liked the opportunity to take a break from work and relax.


Wendy next invited everyone to join in People Bingo. Everyone was given a sheet of paper with odd facts relating to those in the room, the task was to find who the fact belonged to. Frantic conversations were held as individuals probed and questioned colleagues to determine who it was who owned a snake, grew up in Turkey or sat near to Chris de Burgh.


With our papers filled and wiser about who we sat next to we relaxed for some Xmas speeches given by Ann Carver, Karen Chapman and Keith Oliver.


Ann inspired us to give the gift of forgiveness this year, and Karen spoke about Xmas’s past present and future, raising memories amongst those in the room. Keith concluded with a plea to return to simpler pleasures and to forego the many ‘traditions’ which were expected nowadays.


Members had been asked to bring nibbles and the table was laden down with cake, savouries and fruit for people to enjoy, all washed down non-alcoholic Pimms or tea or coffee.


Even though we had a longer break than usual it was still not enough, but time was pressigna nd we still had Table Topics to enjoy.


Brent Crouch led the Topics session based on thoughts on Xmas and interspersed with Christmas Cracker jokes which led to the usual groans.


Finally there was one last chance to learn more about our colleagues with something of their hobbies.


Who makes soap in their spare time, who crochets, who reads Graham Greene and who fancies themselves as Napoleon?


With these and other secrets revealed the meeting came to a conclusion.


Wendy thanked everyone for attending and making it such a great night.


Ray Adams advised that he would be taking on the VP Education role in the New Year so was looking to members to work on their Leadership manuals in particular.


Keith Oliver moved a vote of thanks to Wendy for organising the evening and advised that our meeting on 25 January fell on Burns night so we would aim to have a Scottish twist.

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