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easy-Speak in Romanian
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Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 16:23 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

Unity and Rapport

Despite competing with the England v Iceland* game on the telly we still had a good sized audience although the ratio of women to men was highly in favour of the former.



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Posted: Spinnaker Speakers, 30 Jun 16, 21:20 by keithgo    Comments: 0

Triumph and success

With the Toastmaster year coming to a close our meeting incorporated the club AGM to a good audience of members and guests.


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LABELS:  SPINNAKER,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff  MEETING,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff  AGM,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff
Posted: Spinnaker Speakers, 16 Jun 16, 20:39 by keithgo    Comments: 0

Evaluate to Motivate
LABELS:  SPINNAKER,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff  MEETING,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff  EDUCATION,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff
Posted: Spinnaker Speakers, 31 May 16, 20:29 by keithgo    Comments: 0
A Vicarious Peace
LABELS:  SPINNAKER,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff  MEETING,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff
Posted: Spinnaker Speakers, 25 May 16, 21:05 by keithgo    Comments: 0
Liberation unleashed
LABELS:  SPINNAKER,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff  MEETING,&sid=bf7e6672251a634433543d3acb9256ff
Posted: Spinnaker Speakers, 18 May 16, 21:01 by keithgo    Comments: 0

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