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Wordmaster Grammarian  
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The Wordmaster/Grammarian has 2 duties to perform at a meeting:
1. To introduce a “word of the evening” to members. The idea is to widen members’ vocabulary
either through introducing a new word or a word that you feel is underused.
2. To comment on the members’ use of English - good and bad.

Prior to the meeting:

1. Read these guidelines! They relate specifically to the Wordmaster/Grammarian role in our
2. You should also read about the Wordmaster/Grammarian role in your CC manual, your CL
manual, back issues of Toastmaster’s magazines (many of which are found on the TI
website ( and the easySPEAK website (
3. Type or write the word of the evening in large letters on an A4 sheet of paper with an example
of it being used in a sentence. Make the font as large and bold as possible. Make 3 copies.
4. Rehearse your 2 minute introduction.

At the meeting:

1. Arrive early, at least by 6.45pm, and let the Toastmaster know you are there.
2. If you are working on the CL manual, ask one of the members to evaluate you, give them the
manual and make sure they complete it by the end of the evening.
3. Check there is blu tack for sticking the word on the lectern and in front of the role players’

Introducing your role:

1. Explain your role from the lectern in up to 2 mins.
2. Tell the audience that you will be listening carefully to everyone who speaks throughout the
evening, paying particular attention to good and bad grammar, interesting or effective use of
words and phrases, use of metaphors, similes and triads, too much use of slang, clichés,
jargon. Tell them you will report back at the end of the evening.
3. Introduce the word of the evening.
4. Ask the members to incorporate it into their speech throughout the evening.
5. Stick the word, with an example of it being used in a sentence, on the front of the lectern and
in front of the role players’ table with blu tack so that everyone can see it.
6. Stick the other copy on top of the lectern with blu tack and leave it there. This helps you when
explaining the word and reminds members to use it.
7. Explain what the word means, where it comes from; give the noun, adjective, verb, adverb, if
8. Explain how members can use the word. Give examples of sentences using the word in its
different forms.

During the meeting:

1. Listen carefully to everyone who speaks.
2. Record those who used the word of the evening in any of its forms.
3. Note good and bad use of grammar, interesting words and phrases, descriptive use of
language. Note unnecessary use of slang, too many clichés, too much jargon.
4. Don’t try to write everything down or you may get lost in your notes later.
5. Take into account the speakers’ levels of English which may not be their mother tongue.

Your report (3 mins):

1. Stand and deliver your report from your seat, not the lectern.
2. Announce which members (and guests) used the word of the evening and how many times.
3. Give your Grammarian’s report. Focus on the use of language. Don’t ramble, make jokes,
and talk about your own experiences. No one is interested and it makes you seem nervous.
4. Make your report a well structured mini speech lasting up to 3mins using the skills you have
learned as your performance will be evaluated at the end of the evening – by the General

How this role helps you:

1. This role will help you to enhance your listening skills as you must listen intently to everyone
who speaks
2. You will practice making quick and accurate observations. No time for indecisiveness.
3. You will deliver a well structured oral report to the members; thereby giving you practice in
delivering a mini speech.
4. You can use it to advance your CL manual for the following project:
a. Project 1 – Listening and Leadership
b. Project 2 – Critical Thinking
c. Project 3 – Giving Feedback
a. Project 4 – Time Management


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