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As a Speaker you will either be speaking from the Competent Communicator (CC) manual or one of
the 15 Advanced Communicator (AC) manuals. The CC manual speeches should be delivered in
order 1-10, to get the maximum benefit from them. The projects within the AC manuals may be
completed in any order.

Prior to the meeting:

1. Read these guidelines! They relate specifically to the role of Speaker in our club.
2. Check the agenda on the easySPEAK website ( for your allotted speech slot.
3. Contact your mentor for advice and assistance with your speech. You may arrange to send
your speech to your mentor for help with structure. You may also want to meet your mentor
to rehearse your speech.
4. Check the agenda on the easySPEAK website for the name of your evaluator. Contact your evaluator
to discuss your speech goals, concerns, anything they should look out for when they are
listening to your speech.
5. If you wish to use equipment, e.g. flip chart or projector, contact the Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA).
The projector may be borrowed in advance from the SAA to allow practice.
6. Prepare and send the Title of your speech and a short introduction to the Toastmaster of the
evening (see the easySPEAK website)

At the meeting:

1. Arrive early, at least by 6.45pm, and let the Toastmaster know you are there.
2. Check the room. If you are using a flip chart, projector etc., make sure they are there.
3. You are responsible for setting up the projector if you require one for your speech.
4. Inform the Toastmaster if you will use visual aids, need the lectern moved or equipment set
up before the speech.
5. If your speech is being filmed, hand your DVD to the camera operator as early as possible
after you arrive as it has to be primed. You could ask the camera operator to record your
speech evaluation.
6. Talk to your evaluator if you have not already done so (see above).
7. Give your evaluator your manual to complete.
8. If you are working on the CL manual, you may also ask your evaluator or another member to
evaluate you, give them the manual and make sure they complete it by the end of the
9. Sit near the front of the room for easy access to the floor Version 01 14/12/08

During the meeting:

1. Do not read your speech notes whilst others are speaking at the lectern.
2. When the Toastmaster introduces you, leave your seat smoothly and walk up to the lectern,
shake hands with the Toastmaster to take over the floor. You should know by now whether
you will speak from or in front of the lectern.
3. We would encourage you to begin your speech immediately.
4. Pay attention to the timing cards during your speech. When the green card appears, you
have 1 minutes left and it is time to begin winding down. When the yellow card appears, it is
nearly the end and when the red card appears, it is the end – you now have 30 seconds to
finish. After this you may be applauded down by the Toastmaster.
5. When you finish your speech, turn towards the Toastmaster, shake hands and hand back the
floor – never thank the audience at the end of your speech.
6. During the evaluation of your speech to gain the most benefit, listen intently and making notes
if you wish.
7. Do not interrupt the evaluator or argue a point. It is his/her opinion only. If you wish to discuss
or clarify any part of the evaluation, do so at the break or after the meeting.
8. At the break or after the meeting, collect your manual from your evaluator and ask the VPE to
initial the project completion record, which is at the back of your manual.

How this role helps you

1. This role will help you to enhance your preparation, speaking and time management skills.
2. This role will help you to enhance your creativity.
3. This role will advance your CC or AC manual leading to the Competent Communicator or
Advanced Communicator award
4. You can use it to advance your CL manual for the following projects:
a. Project 4 – Time Management
b. Project 5 – Planning and Implementatio


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