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Change of domain - away from

To accommodate the split of the current District 71 Toastmasters into a new District 71 and District...

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LABELS:  NEW DOMAIN,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e DISTRICT 71,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  DISTRICT 91,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e
Posted: District 71, 21 May 14, 15:40 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

Hall of Fame 2010-11

At the recent District 71 Autumn Conference - Flourish 2011 we also had the chance to see the Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame is a time to celebrate our members’ achievements...

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LABELS:  DISTRICT 71,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  HALL OF FAME,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  AREA,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  DIVISION,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  COMMENDATION,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e
Posted: District 71, 14 Nov 11, 19:50 by Teresa Dukes    Comments:

Notice of District Council Meeting

You are invited to attend the District Council Meeting on Saturday 12th November 2011 at 11.00am at the Congress Road, Glasgow, G3 8QT. 

The formal notice is...

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LABELS:  DISTRICT COUNCIL,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  FLOURISH,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e  NOVEMBER 2011,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e
Posted: District 71, 30 Sep 11, 23:48 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

District Blog goes live!
LABELS:  BLOG,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e DISTRICT,&sid=1684b176fdaf5d7676ade01d5fbd094e
Posted: District 71, 31 Aug 11, 14:05 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

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