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Worcester Speakers @WGTA

Meeting Report Monday 19th August 2019

Worcester Speakers came of age with its 21st meeting. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the depths of despair to the highs of achieving your goals through mentorship.

The Table Topics were presented by Kevin Bennison for his first time. The theme was Bank Holidays and their memories. The seven topics ranged from most memorable car journey to the best music festival experience. The winner on the night was Steph Bilton extolling the memory of Rod Stewart in his tight-fitting leopard trousers swaying and bumping to “Do ya think I’m sexy” at Reading Festival in the 70s.

The first prepared speech was by Jackie Baker and commended the strength of the mentorship system used within Toastmasters. Reaching your goals with the guidance of a mentor featured throughout this uplifting speech.

Next up was Niall O’Loghlen with the simply titled speech “Sophie”. A heart-rending story of a dying woman and her much-loved horse companion Jess. Tears were in the eyes of the whole audience as the speech drew to its inevitable conclusion. A deserved winner of Best Speaker on the night.

The final prepared speech was by Club President, Jen Cashmore, detailing the harrowing statistics of self-harming and the effect it has on so many. Jen Cashmore held the audience agog with the terrifying regularity of this subject that affects 20% of teenagers.

Best Evaluator was awarded to Isaac Baker for the second meeting running for his excellent evaluation of all seven Table Topics. A future Evaluation Contest winner?

The next meeting will be the club’s Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competition. All members are eligible to enter. It will be held on Monday 2nd September starting at 7pm prompt at WGTA.



Worcester Speakers@WGTA 


Monday 5th August 2019            Journalist - David Evans


The meeting was started with a "quick-fire" quiz from Sergeant-At-Arms Dave Evans about the evening's theme of Astronaut Neil Armstrong. All questions were quickly answered except "where was Neil Armstrong buried....?"

He was of course, buried at sea.

Following a brief introduction and impromptu "Educational bite" about speech evaluations, stand-in President Steve Birch handed over to first-time Toastmaster for the evening, Kevin Bennison who immediately got proceedings under way.

After informing the audience that they were in store for speeches from a "Trio of Power Ladies more appealing than Destiny's Child", Kevin handed over to Table Topics Master for the evening, visiting DTM Sam Warner. Sam challenged unsuspecting onlookers including the one and only (I don't do Table Topics) Sarah Williams, with topics about describing their jobs. It seemed easy until Sam gave each person a job that not only had they never done, but in most cases (especially Elaine Watt) had no idea what the job was about. Grammarian for the evening Dave Evans, was very quick to pick up Elaine's "It can be hugely distructive if things go wrong on these oil rig things......" statement about being a Health & Safety inspector for oil rigs. Whilst Sarah Williams's topic was of high class, she was pipped to the post by new member Ben Stephen James, who's description of work within the Social Media world gained him the "Best Table Topics" award of the night. All table topics were expertly evaluated by the talented Megan Paul who managed to find many positives, and a really constructive point for improvement for each speaker, including visiting Toastmaster Niall O'Lochlan's "Terpsichorian" topic about dancing.

The first of the three "Power Ladies" was Stassi Stavreva who gave a very interesting but somwhat hard hitting recollection of her "Perspective on Human Nature" sharing with her audience, some of the hardships she had experienced as a "foreigner in our country" as she put it, particularly during her training year as a dentist in the UK. Caryl Bracewell was up second with her club ice breaker speech entitled "The Birthday Zero", and how having a birthday with a zero as the last number can be quite a change in your life. Who would have known that Caryl was approaching her 30th birthday...Wink

Most people in the world like a cup of coffee, especially first thing in the morning, but third speaker Claire Harris took her audience to a level of understanding about the origin of coffee entitled "From Bean To Cup", that none were previously aware of. Her excellently crafted and delivered speech won her the evening's award for "Best Speaker".

Each speech having been expertly delivered, it was then time for the three speech evaluators to give their feedback. Steve Birch, Sarah Williams, and Karen Lowen all demonstrated to the room exactly what Steve had preached in his educational bite at the beginning of the meeting, but it was Karen's recollection of Claire Harris's intricate detail and delivery that won Karen the award for "Best Evaluator".

With an eloquent summing up of the evening's events by General Evaluator Elaine Watt who included feedback on every role throughout the meeting, once again at Worcester Speakers, a great time was had by all. 


Next Meeting: Monday 19th August 2019 @19.00






Worcester Speakers@WGTA 


Monday 1st July 2019            Journalist - David Evans



After an initial few facts about "this day in history" from Sergeant-At-Arms Dave Evans, the meeting began with an inspiring yet amusing educational presentation from club President Jen Cashmore about how different types of people in an audience receive speeches that are given. Toastmaster for the evening Elaine Watt captured the audiences attention and kicked off the evening's usual format with explanations of their roles from Timekeeper Manon, Um Counter Megan Paul, and Grammarian Claire Harris, all of whom, produced excellent reports at the end of the meeting.

Next up was Table Topics Master Stassi Stavreva who asked each "volunteer" to step forward and pick two words from a pot then create a speech based around a fear of the Dentist, incorporating those words into it. There was a high level of creativity that followed, but it was Veteran speaker Megan Paul who was the lucky winner of the Best Table Topic award, plus a bonus pink toothbrush from resident Dentist Stassi.


Three very high calibre speeches followed with Kevin Bennison telling us about his "impressive erections", Anna Simpson explaining her "first speaking experience", and visiting DTM Rick Cooper sharing some of his knowledge and views of the Pathways system with a speech entitled "walk your own path". Although very difficult to decide between, the vote for Best Speaker went to Anna whose calm, clear, and confident speech showed everyone how she had developed her speaking technique since those early days.

Caryl Bracewell as speech evaluator Anna, and Steve Birch as speech evaluator for Rick, did their best to win the Best Evaluator trophy, but both were pipped to the post by a resounding performance from Stuart Watt, disecting in graphic detail the high quality speech from Kevin about his love and experience of cranes.

Yet another evening of quality speaking from the club that is now proud to show off it's official banner to the Toastmaster world.

Next Meeting: Monday 5th August @WGTA






Worcester Speakers@WGTA 


Monday 17th June 2019            Journalist - David Evans


The meeting was opened with a lively Q & A session about the evening's theme "Today 1885 - Statue of Liberty arrives in New York" .
Surprisingly, lots of attendees had lots of facts to share with the very full turnout of members, guests, and visitors.

"The Greatest Showman" Toastmaster Stuart Watt very quickly called the meeting to order, pledging his commitment to keep everything on time for the evening, and duly did so, even finding time to introduce the club to "The Birchey", a Christ-like gesture of holding your arms out sideways, something that the great Steve Birch automatically demonstrated to his audience throughout his performance as speech Evaluator.

Following Stuart's entertaining opening, the club was led into a "Liberty" orientated theme of Table Topics presided over by Isaac Baker.
Duly evaluated by the evening's Table Topics Evaluator Dave Evans, it was the detailed account of time spent in New Orleans that won Roger Granville DTM the award of Best Table Topic. Praise however, was reigned down upon two visiting guests of fellow toastmaster Sarah Williams. Manon from France, and Dasche from Russia showed the audience just how confident and professional the two juniors were by delivering Table Topics for the first time ever in front of an audience - and both in perfect English ! Two budding Toastmasters for the future perhaps....?

In traditional fashion, great speeches followed the TT session with Elaine Watt giving everyone a master class on how to write a speech in the afternoon, and deliver it in the evening with almost no reference to the notes she had written.
Jen Cashmore's presentation of The Four Types of Listener - both entertaining and captivating her audience, showed onlookers just how many people don't always want you to do well when you are speaking to them, but it was Megan Paul's humorous yet touching account of her Father (clearly her hero) and his antics of entertaining others over the years, that won her the title of Best Speaker for the evening.

The award of Best Evaluator going to "newbie" Kevin Bannister (Tall Kev) for his account of Megan's "Dad" speech, preceeded usual meeting reports from Timekeeper Jackie Baker, Um Counter Stassi Stavreva, and first time Grammarian Caryl Bracewell.

The evening was almost concluded with an impromptu "around the room" General Evaluation conducted by Steve "The Birchey" Birch, but there was just one unlisted surprise to come in the form of a presentation of "Area Toastmaster of the Year" award, presented by Steve to hard working member Dave Evans, who received it gracefully with a huge thanks to Toastmasters and its members for providing him with a stable platform upon which his confidence to speak publically had grown immensely.

Next Meeting: Monday 1st July 2019 starting at 7.00pm promptly




Worcester Speakers@WGTA 

Monday 18th February 2019 

Journalist - Steve Birch

Worcester Speakers @WGTA is going ahead leaps and bounds. With a very respectable audience of over 20 the atmosphere was buzzing and great fun. Three new visitors added to the fun and purpose of the meeting.

Jen Cashmore kicked off with a short Educational on the Logos, Pathos and Ethos of the club, using club members as examples of each. Three people were blushing!

Table Topics were presented by Jackie Baker with a theme of Inspiration. Each of the impromptu speakers made the 1 minute mark with ease. What animal would you be?, What is your favourite motto? Who has inspired you? Were among the testing Table Topics. Stuart Watt was voted Best Table Topic with his double time of nearly 4 minutes on Who inspired you the most. A succinct and accurate evaluation by Steph Bilton ensured everyone knew where they excelled and gave all a small point for improvement.

The main speakers started off with Donna Parkinson, only her second speech, asking if her name really should be Debra, a humorous anecdote on why people change their names, ask Richard Alcock.

Next to the front was seasoned speaker Hilary Benoit, with her usual professional and exact delivery. Humour and insight abounded with her system of Spring Cleaning and De-cluttering!

Finally it was the turn of Rick Cooper from Voice of Wales who regaled us with his thought provoking on Pieces of Paper. His journey to achieve a management qualification but realising it is the names of your mentees that really make a difference. Rick was voted Best Speaker of the evening for this call to action speech.

Jim Ballard was Grammarian with his Word of the Day Prodigious which was indeed used.. Prodigiously! Late to the party Um Counter, Tom Elliston, ensured Steve Birch won the  Most Ums Award !!!  Ummm, how did that happen?

Deserving a mention was the General Evaluator, Andrew Graham. His allowed time of 7 minutes was almost doubled to 11min 30secs and he became only the second recipient of the infamous Blue Light!

A fun and frivolous meeting that had everyone smiling and laughing.

Our next meeting is an In-Club Contest for the International Speech Competition. All welcome. Monday 4th March 2019 starting at 7pm prompt! WGTA, MacKenzie Way, Off Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9GN

Meeting Report - Worcester Speakers
Monday 5th November 2018
Journalist - Caroline Bellhouse

The third meeting of Worcester Speakers @WGTA was a cracker of a night from start to finish, with five guests coming along for the first or second time to see what it’s all about.

The three prepared speeches Had the audience captivated with great structure delivery, humour, wisdom and a positive call to arms: 
Elaine Watt bewitched us with her tales of life Way Beyond the Comfort Zone, explaining that this year alone she has tackled such challenges as running 5kms, walking 50km and coming runners-up in a netball tournament. Her latest huge challenge is to perform at a dance contest next May at Chateau Impney…in front of 750 people. Reading that ‘life begins at the edge of your comfort zone’ has certainly changed Elaine’s life and she urged her audience to follow suit, whatever the challenge may be. This exciting speech earned Elaine the evening’s Best Speaker award.

In her visually engaging speech ‘Watch Your Words’, Jen Cashmore gave three real life examples of word choice and the changes it can elicit, be that a multi-billion dollar deal or finding a life partner during a car rage incident in a carpark. In case you’re wondering, the irate shoppers met nose to nose for a show down and one uttered the unexpected words ‘kiss…my……….lips’! Jen’s speeches never fail to delight whilst imparting wisdom.

Steve Birch used slides to great effect in his poignant speech describing three influential women in his life, from primary school teacher to mother-in-law to a very special friend; the common thread these women had was a belief in Steve, way beyond any belief that he ever had in himself. He asked his audience to consider who is their mentor in life? And who believes in them ?

The table topics session run by Caroline Bellhouse was Bonfire Night themed and the speakers rose valiantly to the challenge, regaling the audience with tales of bonfire night memories of straw effigies of Guy Fawkes in a pram,(Jackie Baker), the imagined eating of pumpkins and sweets (Ricky - Brave Visitor!) as well as Steph Bilton staving off a potential law suit, Donna’s mother’s literary anthropomorphisation of individual fireworks whilst Megan Layla Tate Paul explaining why she would vote for Spike Milligan as Briton of the Year won the Best Table Topic. Each speaker employed techniques to engage the audience and speak to the topic, a valuable life skill from which we can all benefit.

Time was ably kept by Jackie and Isaac Baker whilst Andy Turner noted down and reported upon ums, ers and other unintentional and often unnoticed ‘verbal crutches’. Stuart Watt delivered a genius Grammarmarian’s Report, admitting that he had googled the word ‘anthropomorphisation’ as used by Donna Parkinson to discover that ‘she was only bloody right’! His word of the night ‘shambles’ was used by a few speakers. Stuarts self-deprecating humour and clear delivery are fast becoming popular elements of the meetings. Stuart Watt has certainly found his “style”

There were four fabulous evaluations including three analytical and insightful speech evaluations from Derek Serafini, Jane Anson and Megan Layla Tate Paul, which all focussed correctly on the delivery and style of the speeches rather than the content, and Roger Granville admirably found a point for recommendation and a point for commendation for each of the table topics speakers. Best Evaluator was awarded to Megan Layla Tate Paul.

The General Evaluator, Jim Ballard, delivered a succinct and educational report to round off a wonderful evening which had been suavely shaped by the talented Dave Evans who was the perfect toastmaster in that he was almost invisible and yet seamlessly brought out the best of each person speaking.
The room was warm and spacious and the home baked treats enhanced the network break which was punctuated with the sights and sounds of firecrackers going off outside.
Dates for your diary:

Next meeting Monday 19th November at 7.15 prompt, all welcome.

December 3rd will be a Bring and Share (Grub 'n Grog) Christmas Meeting.

Meeting Report - Worcester Speakers
Monday 15th October 2018
Journalist - Caroline Bellhouse

Ambivalent may have been the official word of the night, chosen by Grammarian Tom Elliston, however, there was no ambivalence in the air last Monday night at the fully attended second meeting of Worcester Speakers.

The three prepared speeches of the evening were varied and informative: Donna gave a honed ice breaker speech – designed to introduce herself to the club - about her love affair with the handsome, cute Nathan. Despite friends warning her not to becoming smitten online, Donna had a fulfilling relationship with Nathan, until he ran off with her best friend. As the audience hung on her every word, Donna dropped the bombshell that Nathan was in fact a foster dog and showed a beautiful portrait of him to the surprised room. Donna’s warmth and humorous style were very well received and she certainly has a bright future in the club!

Elaine Watt then urged the audience to face the demons that block everyday progress, with her personal journey alongside the demonic Washing Mountain that inhabited the top of her busy family staircase and even gained a life of its own with ‘pant hole eyes’ and other ghoulish features. With much humour and imagination, Elaine entertained the room well.

Tristan Mitchell’s speech cleverly took on previous recommendations for improving his presentations and spoke about slowing down and the struggles and benefits of doing so. He focussed on speaking slowly and clearly while promoting the benefits of slowing down our busy lives, of smelling the roses and looking around us.  Tristan shows remarkable dexterity in his presentations and was well received.

The impromptu speaking session was ably led by Derek Serafini, who asked people to speak on a given topic with a theme of “New” for one to two minutes. All the speakers rose to the challenge, entertaining the room with images of Martin’s gasping fish mouths before eating them raw, Caroline  Bellhouse posed the question of why children are being educated for careers that do not yet exist,  Roger the shock of why new software confused people, Stephanie Bilton explained her love of Spring , Tristan Mitchell regaled us over the self homebirth birth of his 2nd child, Birch bemoaned the fashion of saggy trousers whilst Steve Birch forgot the question but still managed to win Best Table Topic Ribbon. All were brilliantly evaluated by Jim Ballard whose effort was voted the Best Evaluation.

Stuart Watt delivered an amusing um counter report and gained brownie points by awarding an ironic chocolate bar to the person with the most ums, Martin. Timekeeper Andy Turner kept the meeting to time admirably and together with Toastmaster Sarah Williams and the team, the whole evening was a great success. The next meeting is at the WGTA, at 7.15 for 7.30 start on Monday November 5th.  All are welcome.

Meeting Report from our Sister Club, Malvern Speakers 

Club Contest Meeting Report for Tuesday 25th September 2018

Journalist - Caroline Bellhouse

Four visitors and over twenty members enjoyed a lively night of contest speeches, the winners of which will go on to represent the club at the Area Contest.

Two contests formed the basis of the meeting, firstly the Humorous Speech Contest in which three entrants entertained the audience with anecdotes ranging from a colleague suffering from ‘narcolepsy, gullibility and innocence’ (Roger Granville, ‘It shouldn’t happen to a …’) to tales of pensioners shimmying across the dance floor and the slightly disturbing prospect of a ‘seedy beyond the grave swingers club’ (Graham Sterry ‘Heaven Knows’). But it was Karen Lowen’s‘Banana Dinner’ speech, in which she recalled her childhood ambitions of discovering her super power, complete with super hero antics and poses that won the contest. After a lifetime of being told ‘you can’t do that’, Karen revealed that her personal super power of being Speaker Girl revealed itself after joining Malvern Speakers Club and finally being told ‘you CAN do that, even when she herself thought she could not do it.

The Table Topics contest required entrants to present an off the cuff two minute speech on a subject given to them on the spot. In this case, Geoffrey Richardson asked each one to tell the audience what the weather would be, and why, in 2019, should they be given the authority to choose it. Most speakers chose a mixture of mainly sunshine - in order to grow crops, encourage tourism and provide pleasant dog walking conditions – combined with a few storms and downpours, partly to provide contrast but also in Bethany Barnes’s case, to clear Disneyland of tourists and allow her easy access to all the rides. Bethany’s real life run in with Hurricane Irma thus inspired her to win the contest and she will join Karen Lowen and Graham Sterry in representing the club in Cheltenham on Saturday October 6th  at 1pm

Hatherley & Reddings Cricket Club, North Park,

Shurdington Road, Shurdington, Cheltenham GL51 4XA

 Congratulations to all participants and good luck to the winners.

Next meeting: 19.30 at The Great Malvern Hotel on Tuesday October 9th. All welcome.

Meeting Report from our Sister Club - Malvern Speakers:  Colin Jackson

Malvern Speakers report 11.9.18

This was a rather more serious meeting than usual -  with the notable exception of the first prepared speech, from Tom Wood, which generated much hilarity.  It was entitled “Preparation is Key” - a detail Tom had failed to pass on to Kenny Kayani whose task it was to introduce him!  The event for which Tom imagined preparing for was, of all things, a colonoscopy – a subject that led him into some murky areas.  It also provided a lot of harmless fun for his audience – especially when he concluded by revealing that his preparation for the speech had begun only a couple of hours previously. 

Not entirely surprisingly, Tom did not win the vote for the night’s best speech.  That went to Manda Graham, who took her audience with her on A Creative Journey.   Although involved with arts in one form and another during her working life, Manda had never regarded herself as a creative person and so set off to try and discover the roots of artistic creativity. Curiously, one of her conclusions was what her evaluator Roger Granville described as the creative use of doing nothing! 

The other two speeches were rather more technical. Jackie Baker, with an important speech to make soon to an outside body, explored and explained for the benefit both of herself and her listeners the technique of ‘mind-mapping’ in planning and constructing a speech. What might have been on the dry side was saved by Jackie’s warm and smiling presentation. Sarah Williams’ admirable appraisal of this speech was voted the night’s best evaluation. Steve Birch analysed the characteristics of four contrasting communication styles and how to adapt each to particular circumstances.  And being Steve, his speech lived up to its title and went ‘Straight to the Point’.

Ben Colyer used the theme of Back to School to invite speakers in the table topics session to recall aspects of their school memories.  This subject had the advantage that everyone had something to remember and so something to say – not always the case with these unprepared short speeches.  The winner was Shaun (Visitor) with affectionate recollections of sausage, beans and chips after rugby in his Welsh schooldays.

Next meeting which will be a speech contest, with winners going on to compete at District level, will take place at the Great Malvern Hotel on Tuesday September 25th at 7.30pm

Worcester Guild Hall Meeting 31st July 2018

Worcester Guild Hall report July 31st 2018 - Colin Jackson Club Journalist

Moves are afoot to start a new Toastmasters speech-making club in Worcester.  This follows last week’s meeting of the Malvern Speakers club held in the historic setting of the Worcester Guildhall as personal guests of the guests of city mayor Jabba Riaz.


Malvern club members, scrubbed up and dressed up for this special occasion (some even in jackets and ties!) were joined by senior officeholders from other Toastmasters clubs as far apart as Chichester, Cheltenham, Usk and Ludlow. Also present were interested guests from the Worcester area , including the family of the mayor, who himself joined the Malvern club some years ago to improve his public speaking and leadership skills.

Three prepared speeches were presented: one by Malvern member Graham Sterry; one by visiting club leader Rick Cooper; and one by Sam Warner, who is currently involved in the creation of a new club in Ludlow.  And no fewer than a dozen speakers took on the challenge of presenting a Table Topic – a short spontaneous speech  on a subject given as they are called to the platform. These ranged from Andy Hammond, visiting Director of the 164-club District of Toastmasters International, to courageous guests venturing a first-ever speech before a public audience.

In a final open session, speaker after speaker came forward to say how membership of a club had increased their self-confidence and leadership abilities, rounding off a successful occasion.

*Anyone interested in becoming involved in the formation of a Worcester Toastmasters club should contact  Steve Birch  email:  Mob  07831 846997


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