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District 91 


Area 1 is growing and through our incredibly supportive, friendly clubs and fantastic Toastmasters International communication and leadership programme.  

Strategically sited along the beautiful coastal and inland belts of Hampshire, our four public Clubs are Wessex Speakers in Winchester, Hamwic Speakers - Southampton, Spinnaker Speakers in Portsmouth and Solent Speakers in Fareham.            

Our clubs are on track to achieve Area goals of:

  1. Reaching their highest possible levels of performance
  2. Strengthening individual club mentoring programmes
  3. Developing at least one new club in the area, currently planned to be a club in Waterlooville
  4. Encourage inter-club communications and events to share great practice and continually improve overall quality
Key events in this year's diary include
  • Club Officer Training - August
  • Area 1 Humourous Speech and Table Topics Autumn Contest - 
  • Club Officer Training - January
  • Area 1 International Speech and Evaluation Contest

If you live in Hampshire and would like to overcome nerves when presenter, become an effective campaigner or just want to communicate more effectively on a day to day basis, you will be warmly welcomed at your nearest Toastmaster club by people who once felt the same as you and are now fulfilling their dreams.  The first three visits are free and there is no obligation to join.  Guests almost always tell us they enjoy the friendly feel and sense of fun they find at our clubs. 

We are a non-profit organisation and income from fees goes to HQ with any extra being used for educational events and venue hire. Joining the organisation gives you unprecedented access to exceptional communication/leadership mentors, professional feedback on your speeches and a diverse network of interesting people. 


Rob Dewing
Area 1 Director (Hampshire) 2019-20

07749 797005

Home club: Hamwic Speakers :       


I am the Division A Director for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters Year. I extend a warm welcome to guests and easySPEAK users who find this message.

My Team of Area Directors for the year comprises:

Area A1: Rob Dewing

Area A14: Tugçe Yilmaz

Area A42: Mona De Silva

Area A46: Debs Wallace

Area A62: (Grace Jones) Grace has had to stand down for personal reasons - contact Mike Burrows if you want to discuss something relating to Area 62, please.

Our role is to support you in your Toastmasters journey, through the support we give to your Club Officers. We aim to abide by the Toastmasters International's values: integrity, respect, service and excellence. We hope that you too will abide by the same values.

We also hope that you will strive to do your best at all times and recommend that when you are unsure of what you may want to do, seek help through your mentor, or Club Officers. We want to help your journey be an enjoyable, exciting and fun one!

Club Officer Training events have been planned. 

Best Wishes for the next Toastmasters year.

Mike Burrows


 “I can’t believe you used to be shy!”

This is what people often tell me nowadays when I share my story and my Toastmasters journey with them.

I first read about Toastmasters in a self-help book over Christmas 2006. Yet, I only joined the organisation in April 2013, when my Toastmasters journey began in Cheltenham Speakers. Why did it take me so long? Simply because there wasn’t a club close to where I lived at the time in Bath.

Looking back on 7 years of Toastmasters membership; I can confidently say that Toastmasters changed my life and made me a better speaker, better leader and a better person.

Become a confident speaker

The Toastmasters educational programme gave me a framework through which I could learn all elements of public speaking. From structuring my talks to body language and vocal variety. The programme covers it all and some more.

A secret sauce also played its magic and that secret sauce is evaluations. This feedback is personal to you and covers both what you do well and points for improvements. Seven years on, I learned to channel my passion into inspirational speeches. While, I still use my hands a bit too much, I’ve learnt how gestures can complement what I say.

If you want to nail these speeches at work, deliver a TEDx talk or even speak for a living. Toastmasters will help you, just like it helped me. Attend every single meeting of your club, do a speech or a role in every meeting and let the magic take place.

Yes, you can lead!

Early on in my Toastmasters journey, I took on the challenge of launching a new Toastmasters club in the heart of London. Why did I do this? Because I wanted to become a better leader and build something for others.

This experience taught me a lot about leadership but so does my current role of District Director. Leading a team of 50+ District leaders that supports our 175+ clubs and 5,000+ members is a fascinating experience. From strategic planning, to vision casting and communicating said vision, Toastmasters covers it all. If you too chose to lead, Toastmasters will help you.

Destination a better you!

Has what I learnt in Toastmasters helped me in other areas of my life? Yes, it has! The confidence I gained through my speeches and leadership roles helps me every day. For a very long time I struggled to form strong relationships with others and what I learnt in Toastmasters made these possible for me.

What will you gain from Toastmasters?

Set yourself some goals, attend every meeting of your club and say “yes” to opportunities. You too might soon find that Toastmasters will change your life.


Let’s grow forward together!

Florian Bay, District Director 2019-20



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