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District 71

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 UK and Ireland

 District 71

    Division N

      Area N51

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District 71 
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As part of Division E, which forms the Northern Counties of District 71, the U.K and Ireland,

I am priviledged and honoured to be your Area Director 2017-18.

First:  Thank You to Simon Heal for the support and guidence he provided as last years Area Director, I look forward to his continued support and advice.


We have 3 Chartered  clubs in our Area.

                                                A1 Speakers - Newcastle

                                                Castle Communicators - Cramlington

                                                Elvet Speakers - Durham

We also have an Unchartered Club

                                                Sunderland's - Talking Shop 

That makes us ACES, let us be ACES in growth, development and leadership. 

I look forward to visiting each club, providing me the opportunity to meet our members, assist in the growth and delvelopment of members and encourage clubs to achieve thier best in the DCP. 

I believe that by working together, sharing our knowledge, skills and supporting each other we can accomplish our goals. In particular by providing support, encouragement and advice to promote Talking Shop in become our fourth Chartered North East club.

All are welcome to join one of our clubs and start your journey in a comfortable, safe environment to enhance your communication and leadership skills.

I look forward to the challenges of the coming year

With your help together we can achieve the best. 


Liz Welch 

51 Area Director 2017-2018


Area 51 is part of Division E which forms the Northern counties of District 71, the UK and Ireland.

This year, for the first time, Area 51 comprises only clubs in the North East of England.

As Area Director this year I am looking forward to working with all of the clubs in the area, with the help and guidance of our Division Director Ken Siviter, in order to ensure that Toastmasters continues to thrive in the North East.

Our chartered clubs,

  • A1 Speakers  -  Newcastle
  • Elvet Speakers  -  Durham
  • Castle Communicators -  Morpeth

Our new club,

  • Talking Shop -  Sunderland

We already know that Toastmasters is a great place to practice and develop our communication, presentation and leadership skills. It's a supportive environment which always offers a very warm welcome and the crucial feedback which we need to allow us to improve.

Together, I feel that our clubs have so much to offer our region in helping those who have not yet discovered what a great place Toastmasters is and how great they can be as individuals. 

I look forward to visiting your club and meeting you in the very near future.


Here's to the best Toastmasters' year yet.


Simon Heal 

Area Director


Area 51 is part of division E which forms the Northern counties of D71, the UK and Ireland

Many thanks to Michael C Clarke, last year’s area governor.    

Our chartered clubs,

  • A1 Speakers  -  Newcastle
  • Elvet Speakers  -  Durham
  • Strictly Speaking Harrogate
  • York EbOrators

Our new clubs,

  • Talking Shop -  Sunderland
  • Castle Communicators -  Morpeth

In this year as Area Director, I am being ably assisted by my good friend, Mick Rickwood who's experience will be invaluable, considering he did the AD role a couple of years ago.

My main goal is to make sure that both the pre-charter clubs actually do charter - a "Big Ask" but I'm sure we can do this.

Can we do this - Yes we can!

I'm also very aware that I need to spend some time helping all the clubs feel valued as part of Area 51.

Our Division Director, Jan Antons, is as energetic about Toastmasters as I am.  I'm really looking forward to working with Jan in 2015/16.

I’m really looking forward to getting out and meeting you in the near future. 

Toastmasters is a great place to practice and develop your speaking and leadership skills.

It’s a supportive environment with many experienced speakers willing to lend a hand and provide excellent advice. You can always guarantee a very warm welcome from the Toastmasters clubs ‘up North’.

Here’s to an excellent year,

Peter Ayers 

Area Director


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