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Cheltenham Speakers Club  

Welcome to the website for Cheltenham Speakers Club. Part of Toastmasters International, we are a local group of likeminded, friendly people who
want to improve our public speaking and help others improve theirs.

We meet on the 1st, 3rd (and sometimes the 5th) Tuesday of every month in the upstairs room of The Exmouth Arms, on Bath Road in Cheltenham. We meet at 7.15 to start at 7.30 and finish before 10.00.

Our club provides a safe space for you to practice public speaking in front of the most supportive group of people who've "all been there". No matter what your skill level, you can always improve. Complete beginners are more than welcome! You are welcome to come and observe one or two meetings. 

For more information about how the club works use the 'Guest information' menu above. And to see the agenda for the next meeting, click here.

Club Awards

John Down ACG

It takes a lot of dedication to reach the speakers goal of Advanced Communicator Gold, and John Down became only the 3rd member of Cheltenham speakers club to acheive that distinction.  Interviewed by club President John Evans, John explained some of the things he had learned along the way. Famously John has developed his unique humorous style, mixing repetitive actions, audience shout back, and above all the use of the .....................................pause.


Club News

Lying on the ground with his arms raised, he filled the space with a powerful exclamation “FREEDOM!”

No, it wasn’t a scene from the movie “Braveheart”. It was an expressive speech from someone who overcame the fear of public speaking.

Public speaking is one of the people’s biggest fears. I’ve heard that many are afraid of it even more than death, suggesting they’d prefer to be in the coffin than to give a Eulogy at a funeral (your choice).

Why is public speaking so scary?

In my opinion, it’s not the public speaking we’re afraid of. Public speaking is a tool that brings to the surface all our subconscious fears and suppressed emotions. The fear of being judged and rejected; making mistakes, not being significant (heard or seen), being different, not fitting in, the unknown, being out of control, not feeling good enough and so on.

When fears and emotions surface and the environment is supportive and nurturing the individual may continue leaning just outside their comfort zone, accepting emotions and dealing with fear, getting one step closer towards overcoming it.

As a Club President, I try to set the tone of the meetings and encourage making mistakes and experimenting in a safe space.

Mistakes are welcome – because they help us learn.

Laughter is welcome – because it means we’re enjoying ourselves (and that my jokes are not that bad).

The rest of this article (with details of what to expect in a meeting) can be found on Linkedin -


International Speech and Evaluation Contest - Club Level

The contest will be 3rd March 2020 during our regular meeting at Exmouth Arms. The winners will represent the club at the Area Contest in Malvern on 21st March 2020. In order to be eligible to compete, members need to complete Level 2 on Pathways or 6 speeches (from the Competent Communication Manual).

Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest

Congratulations to Geoff Boldero and Roberta Smart who won our club contest and went on to represent us at the Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. Geoff gave a great humorous speech about his "famous" client. While Roberta wowed the audience with her well-crafted Table Topic speech. Roberta placed second. 



Megan Paul has been interviewed recently by BBC Local Radio.

Click the link below to hear her interview:





Social Activities



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