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District 71

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 UK and Ireland

 District 71

    Division E

      Area 39

        New St Speakers

        Bullring Speakers

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I'm delighted to welcome Walsall Speakers to Area 39 as a newly chartered club. Many people have helped to support and promote the club over recent months, particularly President Asma Riaz, VPE Tanya Barad and SAA Mish Barad. Congratulations to all club members for your hard work and support.

AREA 39 

On 1 July 2018 Area 39 split in two and Spa Speakers, Heart of England and Godiva Speakers formed a new Area 42. This doesn't mean that we lose our friends and fellow Toastmasters in those clubs however as we held a joint Club Officer Training with them in July.

Area 39 now comprises Bullring Speakers, DB Toastmasters Birmingham (a corporate club), Shropshire Speakers, and Walsall Speakers as chartered clubs, plus New Street Speakers as a pre-charter club.

Jill Ming

Area 39 Director



Welcome to Area 39!

Welcome to the easyspeak area for Area 39. We are a strong area with 5 chartered clubs and 2 pre-charter clubs that roughly covers the West Midlands and Warwickshire. You are always welcome to pop down to any of our meetings, just drop us an email and say hello. Please also visit and recommend our pre-charter clubs, as an Area and Toastmaster members we want to help the progression of new clubs to open up opportunities for members and new guests.

Chartered Clubs

Spa Speakers in Leamington Spa

Bullring Speakers in Birmingham Town Centre

Heart of England in Knowle, Solihull

Shropshire Speakers in Telford

Deutsche Bank a corporate club in Birmingham Town Centre


Pre Charter Clubs

Godiva Speakers in Coventry

Walsall Speakers in Walsall


Gavel Clubs

University of Birmingham

Warwick Speakers in the University of Warwick (Coventry)

 Feel free to contact me about anything or contact one of my Area Assistants, Mish Barad or Asma Riaz,


Tanya Barad

Area 39 Director


Welcome to Area 39!

In our Area we have the following clubs:

Spa Speakers in Leamington Spa

Bullring Speakers in Birmingham

Heart of England Speakers in Knowle

Shropshire Speakers in Telford

Godiva Speakers in Coventry (Pre-Charter)


We are also looking at delivering some demonstration meetings (to guage interest in starting new clubs) in the following areas:

Walsall and Stoke


We are also thinking of trialling a rotating Advanced Speakers session which will travel around the clubs in the area as an extra event - one per month.

I'm here to support all the clubs - existing and new - and to ensure we share best practise, help to solve problems and feedback information to the Division Director and District Director.

Ask me anything!


Sam Warner

07973 490150

Area 39 Director 2015/2016




Welcome to Area 39! Under the leadership of John Cox in 2012/13 the area was a massive success, and will definitely thrive this year.


All of our clubs will offer a warm welcome and allow you to achieve your goals. Toastmasters will help you to improve your communication and leadership skills, and clubs are home to people from a range of different backgrounds.


Area 39 is one of the largest areas, covering 8 clubs:

Bullring Speakers - Birmingham
East Midlands Speakers - Shardlow, Derbyshire
Heart Of England - Knowle, Solihull 
Pick Everard Presents & Speaks - Leicester (please contact us first)
Shropshire Speakers - Telford
Spa Speakers - Leamington Spa

Warwick Speakers - University of Warwick

Robin Hood Speakers - West Bridgford, Nottingham


Why not come along to a club, or visit many different clubs in the area? By speaking in other clubs, you broaden your experience and get out of your comfort zone - speaking to a wider audience and maybe even in different circumstances.


So the theme for this year is to "get out of your comfort zone", and experience all that toastmasters has to offer.


Use the ambassodor programme to speak at many different clubs, widen your audience by bringing toastmasters into the community, into work and helping people of all ages. Why not start a club where you work, or talk about a Youth Leadership program for schools? 


Establish your goals for the year, get out of your comfort zone and achieve! I am sure it will make for an incredibly successful year!


Have fun!


Louisa Hitchen

Area 39 Area Governor









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