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People find their way to Toastmasters for many reasons. For some it’s a need for better business presentation skills. For some it’s that looming special occasion speech. For some it’s facing a fear; a fear that holds back so many people from what they want to achieve in life.

For me, it was a curiosity …. about the building where my local club met. I went to my first meeting and the building was indeed fascinating, but as I sat there, I could feel an anxiety bubble up in me about public speaking. As I rose to my feet to introduce myself to the club, I felt my mouth go dry, my heart race and the words stumble out. Inside, there was a voice inside telling me “You can’t do this!”. Fortunately, that voice wasn’t the only one I heard that day; the club President uttered two words that forever changed me: “Take Courage”.

I came back to the next meeting.

And the next.

And found, what you find at every Toastmasters club, a bright, friendly community of people that want to see you conquer your fears and see you do well.

That community doesn’t just stop at the club – it spreads! Division B is a community of some 30+ clubs around London each one unique. They range from community clubs, to corporate clubs, language clubs to specialist debate clubs. No matter what your interest, you’re bound to find a local group and a perfect fit for you.

Each club follows the same basic programme of prepared speeches, thoughtful speech evaluations and impromptu Table Topics, with each club having their own twist on proceedings. As well as the speaking there are plentiful leadership training opportunities ranging from the roles performed at the meetings through to the club officers running and growing each club.

Four years after I joined, I’m still finding new things to learn at every meeting and am constantly surprised by what I learn at Toastmasters impacts the rest of my life. Public speaking is now a thrill. The anxiety is still there, but I channel the nerves into my time on stage. I hope by joining us, you too can find what you’re way to better public speaking and leadership skills.

“Take courage”

Neil Coleman

Division B Director



When I joined Arun Speakers in 2001 I knew I would get the help I needed to improve my
speaking skills. I had no idea how much more Toastmasters would give me. Over the
(many!) following years I have gained immensely in terms of my self-confidence and my
leadership skills. Those in turn opened up many opportunities for me, in my professional
life, in my personal life, and in contributing to a number of charitable organisations that I
have been involved with.

Each member has a different underlying reason for wanting to improve their
communication and leadership skills – their deeper purpose. It may take months or years
to reach their goal, and as stewards of their progress we must provide the best
opportunities and support through the District Officers, Club Officers, other members, and
appropriate tools and information. You will find that easySpeak is an excellent resource to
support you in your Toastmasters journey.

People often ask me why I have stayed a member for so long. One reason is that I am still
learning – I learn something new at every club meeting and every time I speak to other
members. Most of all though, it is the individual stories of our members, and their
achievements, that continue to inspire me. I look forward to hearing your story.
Changing lives – one speech at a time.

Andy Hammond DTM
District Director 2018-2019



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