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Div H

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 UK and Ireland

 District 71

    Division H

      Area H14

      Area 20

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Division Information 2017-2018
Division H
Part of District 71
Division Officers
Division Director Daniel Sandars E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: +44 1908 616354 Daytime Phone: +44 1234 750111
  Mobile +44 7412 926024    
IT Support ToastmasterJohnG E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support ToastmasterJohnG E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Phil Heath E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: +44(0)113 282 7614 Daytime Phone: +44(0)113 288 0231
  Mobile +44(0)791 700 4464    
Areas in Division H
Area 14 Area Director AndLuc   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 20 Area Director Steve Campion   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: +44 20 7048 7735 Daytime Phone: +44 20 7048 7735
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 44 Area Director VickyLS   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Clubs Division H
Area Club Name Club Number President E-mail
14 Anglia Communicators 3380  
14 ARM Cambridge 4138056  
14 G-Toast UK 5870795  
14 Huntingdonshire Speakers 1027647  
20 Cornerstone 1479472 John Kendall Send e-mail
20 East Herts Speakers Club 1395279 Steve Campion +44 20 7048 7735 Send e-mail
20 Hertfordshire 6327 phbcarey (Hidden) Send e-mail
20 Luton Communicators (P) 5941966 Vinet123 (Hidden) Send e-mail
20 Luton Speakers Club 03919613 Rose Marie Calder 07776 358496 Send e-mail
20 North Herts Speakers 4181227 WojZujla (Hidden) Send e-mail
20 West Herts 8828 AnthonyB1 (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 Bedford Speakers 911179 Erica Bland (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 Cranfield Speakers 1682231 Estmar (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 Eldergate Toastmasters Club 6078 KalFly (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 North Bucks 660325 Lynda Andrews (Hidden) Send e-mail
44 Northampton Speakers 03824728 agatas (Hidden) Send e-mail
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Officer History
Date Name Position
ToastmasterJohnG IT Support

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