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Links to Other Resources 

Membership Building 101
A multistep membership building program for all Toastmaster Clubs.

TI Publicity and Public Relations Handbook

Let the World Know. A 43 page handbook on public relations and promoting the Toastmasters.

100 Public Relations Top Tips and Questionnaire from Gary Sander (136 Kb)
Sample Flyer (916 Kb)

Membership Survey
A sample membership survey from the Woking Club.

Speechcraft Program
Excellent FAQ from Toastmasters New Zealand (bottom of the page)

Conduct the Speechcraft Program

Extensive Speechcraft Material on the District 19 Website
Includes downloads for promotional flyer, agenda samples, advisor instructions, registration forms...

Link from the District 53 website
Conduct a Speechcraft Program
Speechcraft Your Club's #1 Membership Building Tool!

Link from the District 53 website
How Toastmasters Can Work
How Toastmasters program works and meets your communication and leadership needs.