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Author malcolmw  Date 18 Jun 10, 18:31  Views 17069
Description What does the General Evaluator do at a meeting?
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General Evaluator

The General Evaluator evaluates everything, except items that have been evaluated already, at the end of the meeting.

Prior to the meeting

Study the agenda.

If you have any questions about the agenda, ask the Toastmaster of the meeting.

During the meeting

Take notes on everything important that happens or, in your view, should have happened.

In particular, assess the usefulness of the evaluations. If an evaluator is over-harsh, you have an ideal opportunity to put things right.

You would not normally evaluate the Speakers who have already been evaluated, but you might want to comment on aspects of the speeches you think the evaluators missed.

You need not restrict your observations to items on the Agenda. You can also comment on the meeting room, the temperature, the banner etc.

Think of something original to say!

In some clubs the General Evaluator is responsible for the Evaluation team, which may consist of the Speech Evaluators and Table Topics Evaluators. This involves the following additional duties:

Before the meeting starts

Greet all Evaluators who are present. If an Evaluator is missing, consult with the Vice President Education and arrange for a substitute.

Brief the Evaluators that evaluation is a positive, helping act. Their goal must be to help fellow Toastmasters develop their skills. Emphasize that evaluations should enhance or at least preserve the self-esteem of the speaker.

Ensure the individual Speech Evaluators have the Speaker's manual and understand the project objectives and how to evaluate them. Suggest they talk to their Speakers to discover any special evaluation requirements.

During the meeting

Before the first Evaluation, deliver a brief but thorough talk on the purpose, techniques, and benefits of evaluation - particularly for the benefit of any guests. Evaluation should be a positive experience designed to help people overcome weak habits and enhance their attributes.

Further Information about General Evaluations.

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