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Description Cheltenham Speakers – General Evaluator Guidance

Cheltenham Speakers – General Evaluator Guidance 

Before the Meeting:

  • Note who the evaluators are.

  • Note who is performing a role for the first time out of the following:

    • Timekeeper

    • Toastmaster

    • Table Topics Master

    • Grammarian

    • Um Counter

During the Meeting:

  • Make appropriate notes against each role

During Evaluation:

  • Note timings are 5-7 minutes for the GE, be careful about running over as there is a lot of information to cover.

  • Commit an equal time to each evaluator, a planning suggestion is:

    • 2 minutes to comment on the meeting and those taking on new roles

    • 1 minute each for the evaluators (assuming 4)

    • 1 minute to summarise.

After Topics:

  • Complete manuals as required (if people are doing roles for the first time)