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Description Cheltenham Speakers – Sergeant at Arms Guidance

Cheltenham Speakers – Sergeant at Arms Guidance 

Before the Meeting:

  • Check with TM to ascertain if any IT is required.

  • Arrive early to ensure room is set up for 7:15.

  • Set up chairs, leaving space down the centre aisle and on the stage.

  • Fetch box and unpack. If shed is locked, request key from bar staff.

  • Place nametags on a table and encourage members to wear them.

At the Meeting:

  • Open the meeting on time and call everyone to order. Explain who you are. Handover to the president

  • Open the meeting after the break and hand over to the TM

After the meeting:

  • Lead the tidying up effort – try to recruit people to help if possible.

  • Make notes to replace anything running low, possibly requesting things from the Treasurer or VP Membership

  • Lock the box away