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Author JohnEvan  Date 13 Mar 18, 13:14  Views 186
Description Cheltenham Speakers – Table Topics Master Guidance
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Cheltenham Speakers – Table Topics Master Guidance

Before the Meeting:

  • Have a theme/group of ideas ready

  • Prepare up to 8 topics/questions – depending on how long speakers take, 6 topics is normally the maximum for the 20-minute session. However, be prepared to reduce/extend this during the session itself

  • Ensure a mix of topics that can be tailored for more/less experienced speakers

  • Prepare an explanation of the purpose and format of table topics

  • Bring a watch – the session should last 20 minutes so be ready to manage the time.

At the Meeting:

  • Arrive early to build a list of participants. Consider the following:

    • Give priority to existing members who have no other function on the agenda

    • Find guests who are willing to talk (and their names)

    • Aim for a 50/50 male: female ratio if possible

    • Ensure you have at least 1 experienced speaker to call on at the start, and ideally an experienced speaker to end the session

    • Consider the abilities and experience (not just speaking) of the speakers and alter questions if needed. E.g. consider the appropriateness of asking someone who is blind to describe an object, and take care asking potentially embarrassing questions.

  • Sit at the front of the room before the meeting starts.

Introducing Topics:

  • Make a brief scene setting address. Explain the purpose of topics and how the session will run. Introduce the general theme of your session. Keep this to 2 minutes.

  • Call upon an experienced speaker first, then other members with no other speaking role, then willing guests.

During Topics:

  • For each topics speaker follow the following format: Question, repeat question, introduce the speaker by name; i.e.

    • “My question is what’s your favourite colour? With the question what’s your favourite colour, please welcome Joe Bloggs on stage”.

  • Lead the applause and begin walking to the front as soon as they finish. Thank the speaker on completion of the topic and introduce the next topic…

  • Manage the total time taken by the session and the number of participants

  • On completion of the session, thank all participants and pass control of the meeting quickly back to the Toastmaster.

After Topics:

  • Recap on speakers and questions during voting when called upon by the Toastmaster during the voting.

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