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Speaker Evaluator 



The prepared speeches are at the core of the Toastmasters experience and their evaluations are the primary method by which speakers receive pointers on how they can improve and, very importantly, encouragement.


  • Confirm online that you have accepted the role and that you will be attending the meeting

  • If, through extreme and unavoidable circumstances, you find that you are unable to carry out this role you will need to find a replacement. Please liaise with theToastmaster in finding a suitable replacement.

You will find a full list of speakers and functionaries for the meeting, together with their emails, listed below. This is followed by some groupings of emails for easy cutting & pasting.

3. SPEECH EVALUATOR - THE ROLE Before the Meeting

  • Contact your assigned speaker to introduce yourself and to discuss any particular requirements of the project being undertaken. Also enquire if there are any areas of performance of which the speaker would like you to take particular notice. Note, however, that your assigned speaker might change after the first announcement if late changes are made to the programme.

At the Meeting

  • Arrive with sufficient time to discuss your introduction with the Toastmaster and discuss the evaluation with the Speaker.

  • Remember to obtain the manual from the speaker to complete.

  • Finally, if you have not completed your Competent Leadership Award and still need this role signed-up you should: (A) give your CL manual to another London Athenians member before the meeting starts with the required role identified and ask her/him to complete the required section; and (B) ensure you cover all of the objectives of the selected CL Project during your performance of the role.