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Author NickBenning  Date 18 Jun 10, 19:47  Views 2029
Description Rules for doing an award for a subsequent time
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Repeating educational awards

In October 2009 some significant changes were made to the rules about repeating awards.

These are the current requirements, with changes shown in blue.

1. To repeat a DTM, you must repeat all 7 other awards.
Previously you were required to repeat only ACG and ALS. Now you must repeat CC, ACB, ACS, ACG, CL, ALB and ALS.

2. When you repeat an award, all requirements must be done anew.
For example: for each subsequent ALB, you must serve a different six months as a club officer.
Previously you did not have to complete all pre-requisite award requirements. Now you must complete all requirements for all awards.

3. You may start working on an award at any time, even if a pre-requisite award has not been completed.
For example: although you must complete your second CC before applying for your second ACB, you may start working on your second ACB at any time.

4. You must complete 6 different Advanced Communication manuals each time you do the ACB-ACS-ACG series of awards.
This means that when you apply for each award in this series, you must have completed the number of different manuals shown below:
ACB - 2 different manuals
ACS - 4 different manuals: comprising 2 for ACB and 2 for ACS
ACG - 6 different manuals: comprising 2 for ACB, 2 for ACS and 2 for ACG

5. You may repeat any Advanced Communication manuals you used in any previous ACB-ACS-ACG series of awards.
For example: a manual used for your first ACB may be repeated for your second ACB (or second ACS or second ACG).
Previously you were required to complete all 15 Advanced Communication manuals before repeating any of them. Now provided you meet the '6 different manuals' requirement (in point 4 above) you may repeat manuals as much as you like.

6. Clubs and districts receive credit in their Distinguished programmes for only one type of educational award per member per club per year. This means that if a member repeats the same type of award in the same year in the same club, only one of these awards will qualify for credit in the Distinguished Club Programme (DCP) and Distinguished District Programme (DDP). A dual member can get round this by registering the same type of award with different clubs. However, a member always receives credit personally for each award achieved.
For example: if you complete two CCs in the same Toastmasters year, your club receives DCP credit for only one of them. Likewise your district receives DDP credit for only one CC unless you are a dual member and register the CCs with different clubs.

General information about doing educational awards here.

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