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Author malw  Date 12 Nov 09, 22:23  Views 6564
Description What does the Ah Counter do at a meeting?
Category Grammarian & Ah Counter  Type Reference
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General Information

Ah Counter

The Ah Counter keeps a log of distracting expressions like 'ah' and 'um'.

Although usually sounds, they can also be words or phrases such as ‘you know'.

Prior to the meeting

Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of the Ah Counter for the benefit of guests.

Prepare a sheet of paper to log the expressions used.

During the meeting

When introduced, explain the role of the Ah Counter.

Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone and keep track of all inappropriate filler sounds or words used by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Be sure to write down the name of each person who speaks so you can give an accurate report of non-offenders as well as offenders!

Tally the counts for each speaker.

Give a report when called upon.

After the meeting

Give your completed report to the club Secretary.

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