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Our Educational Sessions should have something for everyone this Autumn

Saturday Nov 7th

Mark Sunner

10:45 Mark Sunner presents Building a Narrative

Mark Sunner is the former Chief Technology Officer for MessageLabs, a leading global provider of messaging security and management services that was acquired by Symantec corporation. 

Mark joined MessageLabs at its inception as head of product development and innovation and went on to establish several ground breaking milestones within the Anti-virus and Anti-spam arenas. In 2003 Mark relocated to New York to establish MessageLabs North American business and became the company’s primary spokesperson. 

Mark has over 20 years' public speaking experience and is renowned as a keynote speaker within the Internet security industry.


This workshop will aim to deconstruct the ingredients of effective storytelling and discuss what elements give a story/presentation its momentum. The Workshop will establish a method for drafting presentation very quickly, whilst demonstrating how the concepts of momentum can be applied to assist both in the drafting of a speech and its end delivery.

In this 40 minute workshop Mark will outline a method for effective storytelling & construction by focusing on what elements give a story (or presentation) its momentum.  Once established Mark will then go on to highlight how the concept of momentum can be applied to delivery.

[35min talk time / 5min Q&A]  

Ted Corcoran  

10:45 Ted Corcoran will lead a Discussion Group on Leadership Opportunities


At the Conference this year, we are holding a Leading and Learning session which is a great way for Toastmasters members to learn more about leadership roles. This is a panel discussion where the moderator asks questions of each panellist.

Objective: To provide members of the district a deeper knowledge of the roles, attributes and responsibilities of the District Leaders


Panel Members: 

Teresa Dukes

Helen Green

Vanessa King

Marc Lottig

Richard Murray

Wole Ososami 

Moderator: Past International President Ted Corcoran will be the moderator of the panel discussion.



 Thomas Rose

14:00 Thomas Rose will present a keynote speech on Storytelling in Business  - click here for details.



Sunday November 8th

Steve Catchick

09:30 Steve Catchick will be presenting Powerful Presence, the First, Second and Last impressions to rock an audience


Would you like to "Hook" an audience, even before you open your mouth?

We all form impressions based on what we see, hear or feel, and these impressions may be hard to change. Both our non-verbal and verbal communications influence the way others form their impressions of us.

These impressions, if not favourable may be difficult to overcome, and may detract from your message.

In order to form positive impresssions from the start, and ensure your message is heard, you need to use a mixture of non-verbal and verbal communication, develop an air of authority and confidence, use the stage effectively and create effective opening and closing remarks...that linger.  

Benefits of attending this session

  • Develop a powerful presence, that creates and air of authority develops certainty, and engages an audience every time.
  • The use of non-verbal communication to have an audience sit up and take notice - your first impression
  • Create speech opening that will hold the engagement and pique interest - your second impression
  • Closes that will help the audience remember your message several days later - your last and lasting impression Use the stage to maximise impact

Andy Hammond
09:30 Andy Hammond presents Dialogue: the art of thinking together


When was the last time you were really listened to? If you are like most people, you will probably find it hard to recall. Think about a time when you saw others try to talk together about a tough issue. How did it go? Did they penetrate to the heart of the matter? Did they find a common understanding that they were able to sustain? Or were they wooden and mechanical, each one reacting, focusing only on their own fears and feelings, hearing only what fits their preconceptions?
Dialogue is an altogether very different way of talking together. Dialogue is a conversation in which people think together in relationship. Discover the four building blocks of dialogue, and the four-player model for conversation in Andy Hammond's educational session.


Jill Segal 

11:20 Jill Segal discusses New club/ Sponsor and Mentor roles


At Toastmasters we learn to lead and support others to achieve.  One of the best ways we can contribute is to help bring the benefits of Toastmasters to new people.

By being a club sponsor or mentor you will be gaining personally as well as supporting others:

1. enhancing your mentoring/coaching skills

2. learning even more about how to create a successful club

3. developing your sales skills

You will take a significant step towards completing your Advanced Leader Silver as well as making an important contribution towards fulfilling the district mission “We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.”   In addition you’ll be part of a new club’s history and the success of its future members.

Jill Segal is a successful entrepreneur who has run an interior design business as well as creating an agency for classical music artists.  Both these businesses require listening and other coaching skills as well as learning to sell softly but effectively.  Through Toastmasters Jill has consistently extended her own boundaries: overcoming a fear of public speaking and gaining confidence as a leader. She now has the official TM role of Club Extension Chair.  She loves the excitement of helping develop strong foundations for new clubs.


Jeremy Robinson

11:20 Jeremy Robinson will enthral us with his session One Toastmaster's Journey: Reflections on the International Speech Contest 2015

When he was growing up, Jeremy wanted to be able to speak in public. He tried, but failed many times, and became both disheartened and, frankly, scared. Thanks to a meeting with an outstanding seminar leader many years later, Jeremy was inspired to find a way to learn. He discovered Toastmasters and found the environment he was looking for. He loves watching fellow Toastmasters making enormous strides in their personal and professional development through taking part in club meetings. In February 2015, Jeremy took part in his club's international speech contest, and through a six-month journey, won his Area, Division and District 91 contests with a speech entitled "The Terror of Error," ultimately going on to compete with 95 other contestants from around the world in the world semi-finals, held at the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas in August. Now back in London with his home club, Bank Speakers, he is working through his next manual and recommitting to his learning journey. Jeremy is a lawyer specialising in EU law and now uses his public speaking skills in conferences all over the world. He lives in London with his family.


Teresa Dukes 

14:00 Teresa Dukes will present a keynote speech on Inspiring Leaders  - click here for details. 



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