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Hi, I'm Nikita Parks, Director of Division J or "Joy Division" for 2019-20 in District 91, in Southern England and Wales.

I'm looking forward to serving you through a really dynamic year which is sure to see unprecedented levels of growth as long standing members endeavour to complete their Distinguished Toastmaster awards under the legacy education programme before it ends on 30th June 2020. Members have invested years of effort to get to this point and we're committed to doing our utmost to enable everyone to succeed in reaching their goals. It's going to be hard work, but let's make it fun. Let's cooperate! Let's build new clubs and let's revitalise struggling clubs.

It's also going to be a year in which Pathways takes the strain in the Distinguished Club Programme for the first time, with all members needing to complete the switch to Pathways within the same time frame. We're going to be building on the momentum we gained in 2018-19 to provide opportunity to all who want to, to step beyond their clubs and find what Toastmasters has to offer that fulfils the promise "Where leaders are made". 

I'm delighted to have a really strong team of committed officers with whom to share the joy of success that comes from outstanding teamwork.

  • Assistant Division Director and Division Club Growth Director - Andy Hessey
  • Division Programme Quality Director - Sam Warner
  • Area 4 Director and Cross-Club Mentoring Director - Diane Richardson
  • Area 7 Director and Speechcraft update Project Director - Murielle Sarda-Hutchings
  • Area 10 Director and Spring 2020 Conference Director - Bryan Gunton
  • Area 11 Director and June 2020 Toastmasters Leadership Institute Director - Jackie Preuss
  • Area 21 Director - Tom Hostetler
  • Area 22 Director and Autumn 2019 Conference Director - Carrie Baker 

By replicating our District trio within our Division, with Andy, Sam and myself, we are ensuring laser sharp focus on delivering our District mission within our Division - and we're determined to have fun doing it! This means that our Area Directors can focus more precisely on serving their area clubs and enabling them to be as successful as possible. Let's work towards our District goals of each member getting on average one education award per year, remaining a Toastmaster on average for three years (>70% retention) and all clubs having twenty or more members (100%).

If you're a club officer this year, please take pride in your work, take training really seriously by ensuring you get to our Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Area Club Officer Training or mop-up COT between now and the end of August and again between the start of December and the end of February. Think seriously about how you can achieve most for your club by bringing a wider focus from outside to bear in your club - engage Diane to find yourself one or more mentors from outside your clubs to enable you to grow further and faster. You can sign up to our TLI here:

If you're a regular club member, also think outside your club. Participate in contests and other events beyond your club. Participate in the Club Ambassador Programme by visiting other clubs across our District. Don't just turn up unannounced - get yourself a meeting role and make a lasting contribution by bringing and gaining fresh perspectives on how our meetings can be more fun, varied and rewarding. You can signup to our Speaker and General Evaluator exchange here: and make sure that your club President and VP Education ase signed up too. We're going to see new clubs appearing across Joy Division this year. Find a prospective club, get involved in arranging demonstration meetings, filling roles until the club has gained enough members to go it alone. You will grow yourself by enabling others to grow and feel good about doing it.

This is just the warm up. We have a month in which to plan, organise and prepare. Whatever you need from us to help you succeed - please just ask your District Officer Team. You can reach us at There are no silly questions except unasked ones: we're all growing and learning.

Best wishes for a successful, rearding and enjoyable year ahead.



t: 07770 661 453



When I joined Arun Speakers in 2001 I knew I would get the help I needed to improve my
speaking skills. I had no idea how much more Toastmasters would give me. Over the
(many!) following years I have gained immensely in terms of my self-confidence and my
leadership skills. Those in turn opened up many opportunities for me, in my professional
life, in my personal life, and in contributing to a number of charitable organisations that I
have been involved with.

Each member has a different underlying reason for wanting to improve their
communication and leadership skills – their deeper purpose. It may take months or years
to reach their goal, and as stewards of their progress we must provide the best
opportunities and support through the District Officers, Club Officers, other members, and
appropriate tools and information. You will find that easySpeak is an excellent resource to
support you in your Toastmasters journey.

People often ask me why I have stayed a member for so long. One reason is that I am still
learning – I learn something new at every club meeting and every time I speak to other
members. Most of all though, it is the individual stories of our members, and their
achievements, that continue to inspire me. I look forward to hearing your story.
Changing lives – one speech at a time.

Andy Hammond DTM
District Director 2018-2019



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